Mar 16, 2012

Pop Evil - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs

Pop Evil

If I had to use 2 words to describe Pop Evil they would be "Tragically Forgettable" and the reason I say that is because the band has potential and they are decent players.... they have a major label record deal, they get radio airplay, they've been a part of some decent tours and YET the band falls in a rut where they have yet to find their true identity.

Using an Eminem song as their Intro music just added to the blandness that was about to follow when the band took the stage this night.

I'll explain that why Pop Evil are odd in 2 parts: Part one is their look & part two is their music.

Looks wise the members of Pop Evil fall under a weird umbrella of guys who look mismatched onstage & the breakdown is like this: The bass player & one guitarist look like they should be in a goth-rock act, the tiny guitarist has a look that's very Clockwork Orange & his huge Dimebag guitar is too big for him. The singer was decked out in a leather outfit that reminded me of what Elvis wore in his "comeback" special which was all leather from head to toe YET the guy still looks like he belongs cutting grass for a lawn service and the bands drummer is the newest addition to the line up & probably the only guy who fits the look of what they play!

Music wise, Pop Evil's strong points are their ballads...the bands singer shines brightest when he's playing the acoustic guitar & singing...he's clearly a singer/songwriter & that's his strong point...when Pop Evil tries to go too heavy it comes off fake & it's not what makes the band unique by any means.

Also, I have to be honest and say that giving the tiny guitarist a solo break is the weakest moment of the show...the best musician in Pop Evil is the drummer so clearly he should get the solo break! The guitar solo is amateurish on every level & that's why they cut into slight covers of "Crazy Train" "Thunderkiss '65", etc. to cover up the very text book styled solos that most guys learned to play when they first start playing guitar.

Pop Evil

I've seen Pop Evil a few times over the years & I'm someone who's always liked to offer a band a chance for redemption BUT with Pop Evil I've yet to be impressed with their music or live show...the band gives it their all onstage BUT the ensemble that makes up Pop Evil just falls flat on every level and that's what most people said at the end of this show.

I heard from my friends as well as people I didn't even know that the Pop Evil set was just so/so...everything was there, they had good gear, great sound, amazing lights, a huge backdrop, cool clothes, yet the odd mix of music that didn't really do anything for anyone & their mismatched looks just made Pop Evil "Tragically Forgettable".

I will also note that I refused to even bother naming ANY of the band members because it was a reflection on just how forgettable the band & their music was WITH the exception of "100 in a 55" which is where the band did shine brightest for a moment.