Feb 6, 2009

Cradle of Filth - Interview 2009

By Bob Suehs


When I arrived at the venue at my designated time which was 7:15 PM, one of the first people I ran into outside was a make-up-less Dani Filth who was waddling around near the bands bus...I was originally slated to interview Mr. Filth, but I got a message the day of show that Dani's voice was in bad shape & he wanted to preserve it for the show so I would be interviewing another member of the band...my interview ended up being Charles Hedger who is the bands most recent addition on guitars. Charles was a very nice, down to earth guy & the interview I conducted with him went very well....Charles commented that he liked the interview we did, that he enjoyed my questions I asked him.


Rock N Roll Experience: What is Cradle of Filth doing tour wise for the Summer of 2009?

Charles Hedger: I have no idea..I'm almost certain we'll be doing festivals & that's the way it goes I guess...the offers are starting to come through now, so I guess it's going to be that

Rock N Roll Experience: What did you think of the new Metallica record "Death Magnetic"?

Charles Hedger: I really like it. I mean, I REALLY like it, I think it's great & I was really critical of the last 3 Metallica records, but I really like this new one & I know that alot of people have been slagging it, but I stand by it, I think it's a great album, it could possibly be a little shorter, but other than that, I think it's got some fantastic..some of the best songs they've written for the past 20 years so yeah, I think it's great.

Rock N Roll Experience: I notice there's some bra's hanging up behind you...

Charles Hedger: I don't know who's that is actually...they were both thrown onstage but I don't know who they came from, but we decided we were going to start decorating the bus with them.


Rock N Roll Experience: (I look over to the left corner of the back lounge) Are those real bones hanging up there?

Charles Hedger: Yes they are...chicken's feet...that was given to Dan I think in Atlanta, but yeah...I don't really trust it actually..it makes me a bit nervous


Rock N Roll Experience: Would you ever tour with Marilyn Manson?

Charles Hedger: I think the band has done something, it's before I was involved, I think there was a tour with them, I know that he's (Marilyn Manson) not exactly a fan of Cradle, so I can't imagine him ever seeking us out (laughs)


Rock N Roll Experience: So is the "satanism" actually the real deal with Cradle of Filth or is it like Slayer where it's more imagery?

Charles Hedger: I think it is, as far as the band goes...personally I am very involved in left hand path stuff but that's something I don't normally talk about because I always think that the second you start talking about your beliefs, then they become like a badge & something not sincere, so I keep them to myself, but certainly for me, it's the real deal, but of course, it's got a great shock value if you want to use if for that & it works very well & it suites the music, so....

Rock N Roll Experience: Of course Cradle of Filth has the most shocking shirt of all time though, the "Jesus is a Cunt" shirt.

Charles Hedger: Well yeah, it is & I think that shirt did a huge amount to promote the band & to make the band known world wide...people would buy that shirt having never heard the band just because it is so unbelievably offensive.


Rock N Roll Experience: In a way though, wasn't that kinda bad though, because then you had people wearing your shirt ONLY to shock & they didn't even know who the band was.

Charles Hedger: See, I was wearing it, but I was like 14 when it came out, but I knew the band, so it was different for me, but you know, so what, at the end of the day, if someone buys something of yours, they buy it & it's still promotion...if someone is walking around with your t-shirt on & they don't know what band they are wearing they are still advertising your band so it doesn't really matter on that front...obviously it's nicer when they do know your band, but you can't knock free advertising...that's what t-shirts really are.

Rock N Roll Experience: You know, when the black metal scene started back in Norway years ago, the thing that always scared me was that those bands were actually killing each other!

Charles Hedger: Well, yeah...They were serious people...sincere people with sincere ideas & I think that's always scary...sincerity is terrifying because when you can care about something passionately enough to be willing to kill for it then yeah, that's serious, but I think without those personalities as the forerunners, they would have never survived anyways...it needed that...it's pretty extreme.

Rock N Roll Experience: I think alot of it had to do with the fact that most of them were young kids who hadn't grown up yet & realized....

Charles Hedger: yeah...& I know alot of people back home that I grew up with...we were all into the black metal scene & you could sort of see that they had that potential to go really far into doing something crazy, so, yeah...long nights & cold weather do funny things to you (laughs)