Feb 4, 2009

Trivium (Corey) - Interview 2009

By Bob Suehs


I had the opportunity to interview Corey from Trivium after they finished their set opening for Slipknot in Baltimore...this interview was done last minute, after their set & Corey even commented that it was something he never does, an interview after the show, BUT, he was very nice & understood the complications of the day & did the interview regardless, so here's my chat with Corey from Trivium:

Rock N Roll Experience: Trivium has a really big fan base here in Maryland

Corey: Yeah, we've played in Towson at that place 3 or 4 times so yeah, in this region, Maryland, Philly, New York...it's a great market & there are alot of metal heads in this region so it's a blast playing here & alot of people come out every time we come through here so I am looking forward to the show the next time we come through & seeing alot of new faces & alot of people who found out about us through this (playing the Slipknot tour)...Rock Star Mayhem Fest, we'll be there, but there will be a f**k load of people at that anyways so it's hard to gauge that.

Rock N Roll Experience: I always thought Trivium & Bullet For My Valentine would be a great package tour.

Corey: We've been trying to get them to do a tour together, we've known them for a while & we've been constantly telling them, dude, are you gonna f**king tour together or what? They've yet to step up to the challenge or something, it's like, I don't know, we should do a tour together & they are like, "Yeah, that would be cool!" & then f**kin it never happens! We've been trying because they are cool guys & we've known them for years & we get along with them & we always thought it would be a great thing to tour together anywhere, but I don't know they don't....

Rock N Roll Experience: I'll say what it is..they are a bit for "rockstars" than Trivium are..they kinda live that way a little more, do you know what I mean?

Corey: Like the other "activities"? Uhmmm, yeah, I guess, I can throw down with the best of them, I don't f**kin go draggin' whores on the bus every night to f**k, we have some female fans here & there...we don't really like go out & get chicks just to like fuck 'em in the back or something, ya know? We've had some fun times where there's chicks & there's music playing & they'll start dancing & whatever...just a good atmosphere & good times & stuff, but I've partied with those guys (Bullet for my Valentine) & I think it would be a fun tour if we got together, if they would f**king accept the challenge.

Rock N Roll Experience: You're wearing a Metallica shirt, so I'll ask you, what did you think of Death Magnetic?

Corey: I think it's really good...the first time I heard it I was like, yeah, it's pretty good, but it kinda took me like 2 listens to really get it & now it's probably the best record that they've done since the Black album..some people will say "Justice", but I really like the Black album so...there's some really kick ass...the only thing I really didn't like was the way it sounds, but it's better than "St. Anger" ....I think there's some really kick ass songs, I really dig it, I am glad they went that direction, it's nice to hear them play some old school thrash again & they can still do it, so it's good to hear...I wish I could see the tour..we've been out on tour while they are out on tour. Hopefully on the next leg of their tour they will invite us out to open...I'd love to do the circular stage action & run around in circles.

Rock N Roll Experience: As far as Mayhem Fest 2009 goes, what are you looking forward to the most with that tour?

Corey: I always love Summer tours because the amount of bands, the heat sucks, but on the bus as long as your generator doesn't break down & you've got A/C on the bus! I remember when we did Ozzfest that it was such a blast...Mayhem is kinda like the new standard since Ozzfest isn't around, so as far as really pushing our new record it's really good because the Summer tour there is so many different bands, so many people that come together for the thing & hopefully we'll just play for alot of people & at those festivals there's always so much to do & plus we're friends with alot of the bands on the bill, so it's going to be a good time & hanging out .

Rock N Roll Experience: Which band are you looking forward to seeing more on Mayhem Fest, Marilyn Manson or Slayer?

Corey: We just got off tour with Slayer...we toured with them in Europe for 2 months so I've seen Slayer alot & hopefully when they do this tour they do a different set because I saw them alot over in Europe so if they play some different songs & I think they might have a new album out by then, so if they do I will look forward to hearing some new stuff...I never really was the biggest Manson fan, but I'll definitely check it out because he has a cool show.

Rock N Roll Experience: So what do you think of the Limp Bizkit reunion?

Corey: I f**king hated them back then & I probably still hate them now.