Feb 1, 2009

Hinder - Interview 2009

By Bob Suehs


HINDER - "Tearin' it up in 2009!"

An interview with Mike Rodden (bass player) of Hinder

Hinder is a sleazy rock n roll band band from Oklahoma that started in 2001 with drummer Cody Hanson, guitarist Joe "Blower" Garvey, and singer Austin Winkler. Their lead single off their first release was "Get Stoned", an ode to...well, partying & getting stoned, but the bands big break came via the breakthrough ballad "Lips of An Angel" which is a touching love song about a guy who dreams of an ex-girlfriend while he's with his current girl...it's a twisted love song that radio picked up on fast & the song quickly made Hinder a household name!

Hinder released their 2nd full length record in 2008 & toured in 2008 to support that record & in 2009 the band are currently in the midst of an arena tour with non other than the kings og 80's rock, a band that definitely influenced the "bad behavior" of Hinder...none other than Motley Crue! The bands official fan club is called the "Hinder Army" & there's no denying they kinda stole that from the original rock n roll army, the KISS Army, but regardless, Hinder does their own thing with mild hints of the ghosts of rock n roll past.

When asked where the name Hinder came from, Mike replied:

"Actually, when the band started, I wasn't in it, but Cody, Austin & Blower were starting to get gigs & starting to write a bunch of songs & stuff & they didn't have a name, so they were really frustrated about the whole deal, so they actually looked up "frustrated" in a thesaurus & Hinder was one of the words."

The question of how Hinder guitarist Joe Garvey got the nickname "Blower" was a funny story, Mike said that, "Back a few years ago he got a nice little service performed on him from this chick in the front of the bus infront of everybody & it just kinda came out like that."

This story was a precursor to my next question, which was about the rumor that "Blower" has a tattoo that's below the belt.

"Yeah, it's on his nut sack. He's got an enormous talent for stretching his nut sack over different things, like Coke cans & what not & he can wrap up some stuff in it & we'll light it on fire, staple it, all kinds of shit like that, & it was so huge we nicknamed it "Tarpy" because it's like the size of a tarp, you can cover anything up with it, so he got "Tarpy" tattooed on his sack."

On the subject of the little feud Hinder has going with Saving Abel Mike said:

"Nah, I mean, everybodies blowing it out of proportion & their first single "Addicted" is basically the exact same as "Get Stoned", the music is...well, not really the music, but the melody of the lyric & so we were like, what the hell? They basically stole our song & we were like, Bid Deal, shit happens all the time, the thing that kinda pissed us off was they were kinda calling us out saying like, "Yeah, nobody..."..it's stupid, they were just saying how they could drink us under the table & that we didn't party like a real band & all this shit & we were just like, get the hell outta here! That's kinda where it came from & then everyone was like, Oh, You guys & Saving Abel have this big deal going on, but we really don't! We actually played a show with them in New York, it was for the Veterans, it was like Veteran's Day out on MTV & Saving Abel actually played there & we actually had to drag them into our room to take a shot with us because they were kinda scared & I guess they don't actually drink before they play, but I have to, I can't play if I'm completely sober, so it was just kind of a peace offering, like hey, come on it & have a shot & 1/2 of them wouldn't even come in there to hang with us, so we were just like, piss on it, who cares?"

As far as the Motley Crue tour has been so far, Mike said:

"It's awesome! We've only had 2 shows so far, but last night we were in Reno & it kicked ass & the crowd was great, I actually got to see CRUE play last night & their show is ridiculous. Mick Mars did play a solo on one of our songs (in the studio) so who knows, once the tour gets rolling 1/2 way through it or something & everybody starts to be good friends we might hopefully have Mick Mars come out & play (with us) or we can come join them on stage every once in a while & have a good time...hopefully that will happen."

When the Motley Crue tour ends, according to Mike, "We are actually doing a college run with Theory of a Deadman & we're gonna play Spring Festivals & colleges & stuff like that & get some ladies out of that deal & that'll be fun & then after that we are not sure. There's some things in the works, but nothing is set yet. There's a few idea's going around about Summer with Nickelback being one of them possibly, hopefully, that would be a good run & we're just trying to put together the best Summer run that we can.