Feb 9, 2012

Black Stone Cherry - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs


February 9, 2012

Baltimore, MD

The timeless art of playing riff rock layered with vibrant guitar solo's is an art that Black Stone Cherry were raised on & what it's what they exude when you see the band perform!

This particular show was a cool billing which featured 2 up & coming bands for a cheap price. $12 was the price & Cavo / Black Stone Cherry were the bands!

There were some local acts opening, then Rains played a short set just before Cavo took the stage. Cavo are an ok band...they didn't impress me and on that same token they were not bad, they just didn't leave much of an impression on me...what I remembered most about the band was there bass player who I heard a guy in the crowd refer to as "colored" because he was African American & he was a short man who clearly worked out because his arms were larger than most o' the security working that night...the brutha was packin' guns!

The highlight of the Cavo set for me was a small tease where the band played "Rocket Queen" by Guns N Roses!

Cavo were ok, that "Champagne" song was the one that made the crowd go crazy & I was personally happy when their set was complete because that meant Black Stone Cherry were up next!

Black Stone Cherry are a rootsy, blues based hard rock band & they bridge the gap between southern rock, hard rock, metal & rock very well.

John Fred Young plays drums for Black Stone Cherry and his father is The Kentucky Headhunters rhythm guitarist Richard Young. The bands setlist was expanded by about 6 or so songs & what was unique about this night was the fact that they performed a cover of "Rocky Mountain Way" by Joe Walsh, a Marshall Tucker song, an acoustic track that they rarely play & with this being the bands first real headlining tour they jammed hard with extended lead breaks, a drum solo & musicianship that extended way past the years of each individual member of the band!

Lead guitarist/singer Chris Robertson has a tattoo of Jimi Hendrix face on his forearm & he even quoted Jimi during the set with a line about how the Love of Power needs to be switched to the Power of Love.

I was surprised to see a large number o' families in attendance and what I mean is there were quite a few Moms, Dads & little kiddies there to see this show & it was a real rock show, the kind you don't quite see too often these days with REAL musicianship, amazing players & what Black Stone Cherry bring to the table is solid, well written rock songs played by top notch players!

I won't bother listing the set list as it was written on the stage because they made too many on the fly changes...my personal favorite of the night was "Rain" (not the opening band, the BSC song!) because that song almost bled emotions & it was the one part of the show that made me go, "WOW!" because it was simply impressive & amazing!

Black Stone Cherry are an amazing rock n roll band, they play with emotion & if you enjoy blues based rock this is a band you gotta see to believe!