Sep 18, 2009

Motorhead - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs



Baltimore, MD

Ram's Head Live

MOTORHEAD Set List:  DR Rock, Stay Clean, Be My Baby, Metropolis, Over the Top, One Night Stand, Thousand Names, Rosalee, Tragedy, Power, Brazil, Killed By Death, Iron Fist, Whorehouse Blues, Ace of Spades, Overkill

Motorhead is a band that needs no introduction...Lemmy is a heavy metal pioneer...everything louder than all the rest...that's Motorhead's motto & they definitely live up to that, even if Lemmy is 60 years old, he's still got more energy & rock n roll power than all of the emo-pussies combined! Motorhead played Baltimore on September 18, 2008, & the bill was changed a few times over the weeks since it was announced..originally The Misfits were to co-headline the show, but a press release the band issued stated that due to limited space for the bands theatrics, The Misfits decided to drop off the tour, because they didn't feel like they would be able to give their fans the stage show they deserved...then, Australian rockers, Airbourne dropped off the bill because the bands lead screamer, Joel O'keefe was having vocal problems, so the tour was reduced to 2 national openers, & Valiant Thor was the direct support for the tour with after the other acts dropped off the bill!

I was quite surprised to see the show sold very wasn't totally sold out, but it was definitely packed in tight, & earlier in the day Lemmy & the boys did an in-store record signing as well! Motorhead took the stage under the cover of darkness & they played a set that was, surprisingly, almost all newer songs!

When Lemmy first took the stage, what struck me as interesting was, Lemmy is still dressing like he did when he first tight black stretch jeans that leave NOTHING to the imagination, black boots, & a black shirt with dyed black hair & the thing is, Lemmy has a decent sized bald spot in the back of his head, & come on now, Lemmy is's time to let the skin tight trousers go & get something a little more age appropriate...all I will say is, think camel-toe, or, yeah, that was the case!

Phil jams on guitar still & "Killed By Death" was one of my personal favorites of the night, but the band played mostly newer songs this particular night...the highlight though was something I'd never seen the band do..they played an un-plugged song! "Whorehouse Blues" features Mikky Dee on drums & guitar, while Lemmy just was actually damn good too, I might add! Immediately after that song was "Ace of Spades" & the crowd went ape shit, just as you'd expect, then the closer of the night was "Overkill" which features the amazing drum work of Mikky Dee.

When the show was over, the entire crowd was content, they'd gotten their fill of real true Heavy Metal from one of the original creators of this genre...Motorhead is a band that you really have to see to understand...every song is very similar to some extent, & the secret to the bands longevity it they stayed true to their roots, they kept their fan base because they never changed..they are what they are...warts and all!