May 9, 2008

Horton Heat / Nashville P. - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs



Baltimore, MD

Ram’s Head Live

Before I begin this review, I want to explain something very quickly...I was initially only covering the Nashville Pussy set at this show, but when I got to the venue, I was granted permission to photograph Horton Heat, & I am not sure if you know anything about Horton Heat shows, BUT, he generally allows NO photographs & NO camera’s, so when I’m offered a rare opportunity like that, wtf, I’m be stupid to pass it up, so with this review, it’s primarily about Nashville Pussy..they are the band I was there to see, & you get a little Horton Heat as an added bonus! I also have to thank the Nashville Pussy camp, because they set me up on very short notice for this show..thank you so very much!

When I got to the venue, I admit that I was rolling a little late, so I got there a few minutes after Nashville Pussy had taken the stage, & although it wasn’t a sold out crowd, the floor was packed in nicely with a good rock n roll crowd that was a mix of redneck meets was quite hard to describe it but I saw alot of leather, a few confederate flags, & ALOT o’ beer drinkin! As I walked into the venue, it was really cool to see Nashville Pussy onstage, rippin’ through rocker after rocker, riff after riff, they pummeled through their set with fury & passion!

When I see Nashville Pussy onstage, they embody EVERYTHING that I think of, when I think of beer soaked, gritty, dirty rock n roll! They are totally human, totally raw, & they look like a band that you don’t wanna fuck with! The best way I could describe the bands sound, to someone who’s never seen of heard them, is one part Molly Hatchet, two parts AC/’s hard to describe them because they are really just a dirty rock n roll band & that’s the best way to put it! Onstage, you have 2 hot chicks on each side of the stage, & in the center are 2 dude’s who look like they are ready to’s definitely got a neo-redneck quality, & I’m NOT saying that in a bad’s cool to look at onstage, because each member is a “character” & they each bring their own energy to that stage!

The other thing I have to note about Nashville Pussy is that they obviously have fun onstage..they are NOT faking it...they enjoy every single second, & that’s easy to see when you watch them sweat out song after song! During the last song of the night, Ruyter broke all but one of her guitar strings off her SG & honestly, during the bands last song, they went out in a blaze of glory, meaning, if that was the last song they EVER played, it was one that would have an was similar to seeing Paul Stanley from KISS smash his guitar during “Rock N Roll All Nite”..they just tore it up one last time, then they were done...that’s how EVERY rock show should me...good till the last note, then you leave that stage in a blaze of glory, making is a memorable night for the people in attendance!

Ok, so after a short set change, the stage was obviously ready for The Reverend Horton Heat & his band! The crowd was ready to rock & The Rev brought his A-game with all the great hooks & guitar playing that made Rev so legendary! This was actually my first time seeing the band & I only stayed for about 45 minutes because I had other obligations later that night & again, I was only initially planning of seeing Nashville Pussy, then leaving, but when I got to the venue & was granted access to shoot Horton Heat, how could I turn that away?

Horton Heat’s set started off with all originals & inbetween songs there was a little banter from Mr. Heat, & right before I left, Horton said he was doing a chunk of all covers, so as I was leaving, he was playing some older songs that I’d never heard before, & Horton’s guitar playing is soooo clean, sharp, & goddamn good..he’s got that old time rock n roll sound ala Scotty Moore & he also mixes it up with some surf rock style guitar & it’s clear to see he’s heavily into the 50’s rock n roll era not only by his looks, but by his playing!