Mar 29, 2012

Pagan Fest 2012 - Sonar

By Bob Suehs


Turisas / Alestorm / Arkona / Huntress


Baltimore, MD


The best way I can describe this event was a mismatched combination of metal mixed with elements of polka, folk & viking rock.

The bands, much like the fans were all unique too & I’ll be direct and honest here when I say that Huntress stole the show BUT it had little to do with their music & more to do with their former Playboy bunny singer Jill Janus who blatantly used her giant fake boobs to get attention and I might add it DID work quite well...I believe she made many boys turn into MEN at this show!

This was night one of the tour & the technical flubs were in abundance!

They booked far too many local openers and the show ended up running over 90 minutes late which made the main bands start way late & this show ended at 1:30 AM!

There was one band on the bill from Virginia who had a cowboy in the band, there was one band from Maryland who had a singer who looked like he got off work & didn’t change his suit, I saw various viking swords & the Easter Bunny was even there drinking beers!

Huntress were the first headliner to take the stage & Jill’s boobs are so big that I honestly thought she was wearing a chest plate at first!

During the 3rd song in the set a drunk fan kept grabbing her body & she screamed at the guy to stop touching her or she’d kick his drunk ass out!

Huntress played American metal & they reminded me of King Diamond musically...they were my personal favorite of the night & it’s probably more of a cultural thing because I related more to their brand of American metal!

Alestorm took the stage & I was very on the fence with their brand of hard rock that variates towards polka & video game music a bit too much...the keytar is just NEVER cool...sorry!

Arkona were interesting but the flutes & wind instrument left me kinda feeling too folky at times plus the singing was so/so...I’m not sure if it was just the mix or if that’s how she sings...I just didn’t feel the Arkona set.

Turisas were up next & they were the nights headliners. They came out looking like a heavy metal version of Braveheart...all the band members were painted in red & black paint & they played operatic metal. The fans that stayed got a helluva show and this one went really late too because of all the issues with it being the first night of the tour!

I’d say Pagan fest was a smash.... it wasn’t a sex/drugs/rock n roll styled show but it was an experience!