Oct 8, 2009

Wednesday 13 / Antiproduct - Sonar

By Bob Suehs


October 8, 2007

Baltimore, Maryland


Baltimore, Maryland used to be a town that was known for it’s love & support of rock music, & over the past few years, I’ve noted to many friends that the area is just not supporting the bands, it’s almost like people are not going out & people are not having fun & I still can’t figure out if it’s got monetary reasons, if people got fed up with the bands, or if everyone just got bored with everything...regardless, the turn out for the Antiproduct / Wednesday 13 show on Monday, October 8, 2007, in Maryland, was very small...there was around 30 people there total & I was explaining to Alex from Antiproduct, pre-show, that Baltimore just isn’t a huge rock n roll city anymore, & this floored Alex, because he told me that before he left the USA several years ago to pursue his musical career overseas, that all the bands always mentioned playing Baltimore, & particularly Hammerjacks, & it was always known as a great area to play & an area that supported rock n roll! Well, flash forward to 2007 & it’s a different story...the nu-metal era basically smothered what was left of the rock scene, loads o’ clubs closed up, & in general, what’s left of the rock scene in Maryland is just minimal, & I’ve joked that the one’s who are still out there supporting are what I call the “Underground Elite” because there’s not many who still support it, but anyways, I’m getting off the subject of this review.

I got to the show early so I could interview Alex from Antiproduct & I also got to catch their sound check which sounded amazing, & since Trashlight Vision disbanded before the tour, they added 2 local support acts to the bill...the first band did mostly covers & didn’t really impress me, so I’ll omit them & jump to the first real band that got my attention...Gorman Prophecy. This was the 2nd time I’ve seen the band live, but I’ve met Charlie & other band members randomly in the area alot lately & they are really cool guys offstage that are pretty mellow & chill, but when you put them on that stage, the character’s in the band come out & they transform into a heavy metal monster that’s foaming at the mouth & ready to strike when you least suspect it!

I remember the first time I saw the band, the thing that struck me about Gorman Prophecy was that they use heavy amounts of strobe & it almost hurts your eyes after a while, BUT, it looks really cool & it’s almost like watching a heavy metal horror movie at times..few bands put alot of effort into their stage show & I give Gorman Prophecy kudo’s for creating a really cool stage show as well as playing music that’s heavy as f*ck!

The next band on the bill was Antiproduct, & this was definitely a band I’ve wanted to see for some time now, but they’ve only played a few shows here in the USA, so this was really my first chance to catch them & they did not disappoint! Alex comes out onstage wearing more make-up than Gene Simmons from KISS, & his stage persona is kinda like mixing David Lee Roth with Shrek..it’s very over the top, funny, & entertaining..you can’t turn away from this man while he’s onstage, & at this show, he jumped into the crowd a few times, he interacted with the crowd, pulled a kid up onstage & called his buddy to see why he didn’t come to the show, then he got the crowd to call his buddy a c*nt!

One thing you also notice about Antiproduct is that there’s 2 hot chicks on stage that not only look amazing, but they rock as hard as any dude, & the entire stage show that is Antiproduct is something you not only see, but you experience! The band covered “Time Warp” from Rocky Horror & that song is probably the theme of Antiproduct with the exception that they are far more metal than RH! The bands cover of “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys was amazing & another little side note..the band handed out vibrators to some of the female fans as they entered the show & they naturally had the AP sticker on the packaging, which I’ll assumed tied into “Good Vibrations”? lol

Another interesting thing about the show was, the band tossed out large balloons that looked like eyeballs & the small but rockin’ crowd had a blast tossing these balloons all over the place, & the band even got into the action as well! My personal opinion was, Antiproduct could have been the headliner with no problem..they kicked ass & it was hard for the next 2 acts, Creature Feature & W-13 to top that sorta energy!

Creature Feature played music that was kinda like theme music from kiddie movies & The Nightmare Before Christmas came to mind numerous times..the band was ok, but how can you even compete with the Antiproduct stage show & spectacle? After Creature Feature finished up, the stage was cleared & it was time for Wednesday 13 to do his thing.

Wednesday 13 played a really long set that basically included the majority of his 2 solo records as well as “Love At First Fright” & “I Love to Say F*ck” from the Murderdolls/FDQ’s. Wednesday is not playing guitar at all on this tour since his car accident, & he had alot of props, including a blow up doll that was wearing a Nickelback shirt, a pumpkin full of candy that he tossed to the crowd & a doll that looked like Regan from the Exorcist. Wednesday gave the crowd a decent show full of props, gags, & flash, & my immediate thought was that it was like watching Alice Cooper in a small club...he pulled out all the tricks, but it was hard to deny that it was a tiny place & the band was right in your face, there was no barricades, no distance between the band & the crowd, & the only downer of the night was when a drunk fan jumped on stage & wanted to sing & dance with Wednesday...Wednesday had the drunkard tossed off the stage, & the guy decided to boo Wednesday, flip him off & give him thumbs down...Wednesday stopped the show & told security that guy had to go & he had the guy kicked out! After the show, all the bands hung out, met fans & did all that stuff, & it was a small turn out for this show, but the overall vibe was amazing & if you missed this show, you missed a really fun night!