Jul 9, 2009

Wednesday 13 / 69 Eyes - Recher Theatre

By Bob Suehs



Recher Theatre

Towson, MD

Ok, so on July 9, 2007, it was rather hot, the temperature was close to 100 degree's, & the image I have stuck in my mind was, as I drove past the Recher Theatre, it was scorching hot outside, & there was a line of fans, dressed in make-up, eye liner, platforms, & the standard modern goth attire, & the first thought that came to my mind was, man, it's so hard to try & look cool in this heat, because you almost feel like you're melting in this sorta weather, & to even try to dress up is a gamble, because it's just hard to look cool when you have to deal with that kinda heat! So, after I passed the club, I always park in the back & when I walked past the band bus area, who do I run into? None other than Luke from Night Kills the Day & it was really nice to run into him because he totally remembered me from the last time the band played in the area, because I was there to interview & cover their show, & they impressed be that night, particularly because they had this amazing focus, a great emphasis on their music, & a great stage presence, & in all honesty, I have to thank Luke for helping me out, because there was a small photo pass situation & it was all taken care of in about a minute!

Sooo, rather than wait in the line outside, I decided to go into the adjoining bar & hang out in the A/C for a little bit & as always, I ran into familiar faces & it helped to pass the time before doors opened! The venue was more than 1/2 filled by the time Night Kills the Day took the stage, & before I begin to review their set, I have to thank their merch guy, who was far beyond cool to me...I commented to him that he looked kinda like Tim Skold from Marilyn Manson & he told me that he got alot of different comparisons, but that was a first! Anyways, back to the review...Night Kills the Day have a new guitarist....Izzy decided that he didn't wanna tour, so the band got a new guitarist, & Timothy was telling me that they actually had guys from all over the world calling to audition when the news got out that they were looking for a guitarist, & Acey Slade even wanted to audition, but the job went to a guy they found on Craigslist who impressed them alot, & I was told that he learned the Night Kills the Day catalog super fast & the band was impressed with his skills & that's the basic story behind their new member! The band played a short set that was uber-powerful, & I remember seeing these guys a few months back on a much smaller stage, & I've got to tell you, Night Kills the Day are much better on a large stage with better sound...the venue that I saw them at before was very tiny & the sound was so/so, & this particular venue made the band shine! Luke roamed the stage, stirred up the crowd, jumped into the audience & was just totally hands on & fan friendly with the crowd, & the band kept things rolling throughout the set! "Enjoy the Ride" was the song that really got me..it wasn't played the last time that I saw them, & Luke set the song up perfectly with a little preamble & the guitar parts remind me of an ambulance driving with it's siren on..it's actually a creepy little song that really sticks with you! "Pornographic" was a definitely crowd favorite, & "Rainbow in N.Y.C." was my personal favorite of the night! Luke & the guys definitely deserve alot of attention...they are a very artistic band that's got alot to say & I can't say it enough...if you ge the chance, check these guys out..they rock!

Fair to Midland were next on the bill & this was actually my 2nd time seeing them..I saw them a few months prior opening for Dir En Grey, & the band didn't get much of a reply because that crowd was more J-pop oriented, & I thought they were good, but when a crowd just stands there & gives no reaction, I always think it limits a performance, so this time around, Fair to Midland just rocked it! Darroh, the bands singer, has a bald patch on the side of his head that is from severe panic attacks, & when you see this guy move around on stage, it's obvious that he's got alot of frantic energy, & I have no idea if he can turn that energy "off" when he's not onstage, but onstage, the closest thing I can describe him as, is AXL Rose pre-nervous breakdown, & that's an intense & amazing comparison if you ask me! The bands guitarist Cliff has a messy mop of hair that really adds to his stage presence & interesting guitar riffs, & the bands keyboardist really ties their sound together!

I can't really offer you a set list for the band because I forgot to check it out..infact, I don't even remember seeing a set list on the stage, so all I can tell you regarding their live show is, energy, energy, energy! Fair to Midland are amazing, they bring this crazy energy to the stage, & are totally worth checking out!

Ok, so 3rd on the bill was what a large part of the audience was waiting for..former Murderdoll & founder of the Frankenstein Drag Queens, Mr. Wednesday 13 & his band of merry dead boys! Wednesday took the stage & the first thing he did was say, "Shot to the Heart & your too blame" ala Bon Jovi, then the band kicked their set into high gear! Eric Griffin, who was the Murderdolls bassist, plays lead guitar for W-13 & his W-13's band is just stellar..they look cool, they rock like hell & they even did "Grave Robbin' USA" & the closer of the night was "I Love to Say F*ck" which tore the house down! Wednesday 13 commanded the stage & it's interesting to note that he's not a very big guy..infact, most of the band members are small guys who look larger than life onstage, & their music is glorified shock-rock & there's no need to sugar coat it, they do what they do, they play hard rock music inter fused with punk rock ethics & everything has a heavy horror vibe to boot!

When Wednesday 13 finished his hour long set, I felt like the night could really end..I was satisfied with all the bands thus far & felt like, wow, things couldn't get any better, BUT, there was still the headliners, The 69 Eyes still waiting in the wings! The 69 Eyes remind me of a goth version of LA Guns..they have an interesting hair band kinda style to them, & in an unrelated note, I had time to kill before the show, so I ventured over to the local mall which is within walking distance of the venue & I ran into 2 of the 69 Eye's guys shopping in Hot Topic!

Anyways, the band played well over an hour & gave the crowd their moneys worth with their goth rock glam show & the interesting thing to me was that the bands singer made several references to the local Baltimore band, KIX, who were a big deal back in the hair band era, & it was cool to hear them pay homage to KIX & even mention "Blow My Fuse" which was one of KIX's big hits! After The 69 Eye's finished their set, there was a meet & great that was basically, if you bought their cd, you got to meet the band after the show, but to be honest with you, I didn't care about that, I hung out with Luke & Timothy from Night Kills the Day after the show, & they told me that they are doing a tour with Aiden next, & I thanked them again for a great show & that was basically the highlights of the show in a nutshell! I have to say hello to a cool trig.com girl I met there named Bren, who has an identical twin sister, who totally threw me, because I confused the 2 & anyways, this review is dedicated to her, because it's truly the coolest part of going to shows...I love meeting new people & connecting, & this was the 2nd to last night of the tour, so if you missed this tour, you missed an amazing night of rock n roll mayhem!