Jun 27, 2007

Neurosonic - Interview

By Bob Suehs



June 27, 2007

Neurosonic literally took the stage about 10 minutes after they got to the venue...Jason was telling me that Bullets & Octane would not switch set times, so if they got there late they could not play & Jason was determined that they would play their set, so there was no time to check things, the band literally got there, unloaded, stormed the stage, & played a tighter than tight 35 minute set that included their little "tribute" to Ashlee Simpson! I will admit that the crowd was small for Neurosonic's set, BUT, they definitely had their fans there & they rocked hard! I actually felt that their set this night was way better than when I saw them a few months back opening for Army of Anyone! Jason has some of the coolest looking guitars too I might add! I described their music as Massive Attack meets Eminem meets the Beatles..they are really unique & quite interesting live!


I had the opportunity to interview Jason Darr, the mastermind behind Neurosonic, & he's an interesting guy..he's very friendly, very down to earth, & he's not your typical dumb, let's party, rock star..he's really sharp, has a brain, & was definitely a good interview, so without any further ado, here's the interview!:

Rock N Roll Experience: Is Neurosonic a one man band?

Jason: No, it's not a one man band, but it is definitely one man's vision. I wrote the record & recorded most of it before I put the band together & then as the record was just being kinda wrapped up, I started to get alot more serious about hand picking dudes & getting the right people & of course, that's really, really hard to do & I am extremely fortunate to have nabbed the people that I did, because as you can tell by our show, that is not a one man show, there is 4 dudes onstage giving it their all.

Rock N Roll Experience: Was touring with Army of Anyone fun?

Jason: It was an amazing lesson to learn going out with guys that nice, because the tour we went on after that was with Kittie & we did 4 shows &...screw you guys, we're going home! ha ha, we pulled an Eric Cartman & pulled out.

Rock N Roll Experience: You didn't get to hang with the Kittie girls at all?

Jason: No, not really...they were nice girls themselves, but it seemed like absolutely every problem they could throw at us, they did, & every solution we threw at their problems, they would throw another problem at us & ultimately, we don't know why, but it was just like, we owe it to our fans to have them see us in an environment where they are going to get their moneys worth & that was not an environment where we could do that.

Rock N Roll Experience: "What is "Drama Queen" about?"

Jason: It's self titled, no doubt about it..nobody gets more worked up about shit than me.

Rock N Roll Experience: "But is the entire "Drama Queen" record about a bad relationship?"

Jason: Not the whole record..definitely some of it was. Basically, the best art & artists can put out there is part of themselves so I definitely had specific events in my life that led to certain songs , or atleast certain inspirations of songs & even the Ashlee Simpson track, that wasn't something that I said, hey, I'm gonna sing about one of these dummies lip-synching, I was actually offended by it, I heard about the whole thing & it was like, god dammit, that little whore sold a million records & then sold another million after that & it was like...

Rock N Roll Experience: But come on..Ashlee is better than Jessica!

Jason: Atleast Jessica can sing alot better than Ashlee! Fuckin' right! I remember they tried to vindicate that whole thing by having her definitely sing live on that Orange Bowl intermission like 2 weeks later & she was so fuckin' terrible, but people are sheep & ultimately you know...

Rock N Roll Experience: "Do you hate Pop Culture?"

Jason: Yeah...absolutley! My girl has a real thing about Star magazine & gossip magazines so I'm up on all that shit & I don't do it when anybodies looking, but I'm definitely flipping through those things & these Paris Hiltons & these Lindsey Lohan's & Nicole Richie's & Ashlee Simpsons...these are all like the shittiest people in the world..


Rock N Roll Experience: Anna Nicole Smith!

Jason: Anna Nicole Smith...who gives a FUCK that some junkie fucking dropped dead! Like really, who gives a fuck? Aside from the fact that she nailed some old guy for millions of dollars...great, she died, that's really too bad, you know? But, do we really, really have to have CNN cover who the father is for fucking 6 months..that's bullshit! I appreciate the media, I respect it for what it is, but some of it is just like, awww, come on! Here's what I like about the media..last night, I'm about to fall asleep & flipping through the channels..Chris Benoit, murder suicide! wow...that guys from my home town, it's like, holy fuck! wow...but that's all I wanna hear about it, I don't wanna have the play by play as well, we are outside, we've got the helicopters..., it's like the whole OJ Simpson thing...atleast there was an outcome to look forward to! But, what is the outcome on Anna Nicole Smith? She's already dead & that's that! They don't give a fuck about her kid, it's all about her money, which she isn't entitled too anyways, as far as I'm concerned..she's a whore.

Rock N Roll Experience: How weird is that too, that the old man's son died, Anna's son dies, then Anna dies, back to back to back.

Jason: Karma!

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you a big Marilyn Manson fan?

Jason: Intervals...there are times in his career where I've been the hugest fan & then there are times, like right now, where I think the record he put out is absolute poop...I can't stand the new record, I think it's crap!

Rock N Roll Experience: It's all about Manson's divorce.

Jason: Great...I can relate, but at the same time..I loved his last (studio) record...the last record was my favorite record he's ever made...Golden Age was fucking awesome..that Black Collar song, I fuckin' love it.

Rock N Roll Experience: You liked "Golden Age" better than "Antichrist Superstar"?

Jason: Absolutely! "Antichrist" is one of the records I didn't like. I've never seen him live, but I loved "Beautiful People", but hated the rest of that record. He got banned where I live, so ...I was living in Calgary, but I live in Vancouver now which is great.

Rock N Roll Experience: "What's the music scene like in Canada?"

Jason: Don't know..dont care, I mean I would love to have a career there as well, but we are focusing our energy on the United States in a big way

Rock N Roll Experience: "Don't they have a law where they have to play a certain amount of Canadian artists per day on Canadian radio?"

Jason: That's called Can-Con & it doesn't work for artists like us because it works for artists like Nickelback who don't need the help...it's the biggest sham in the music business! Rush, Nickelback, Sum 41, Avril Lavigne, The Guess Who..all those fuckers get played all the time....the up & coming bands that really need the help, which is what the program is designed to do, it does nothing for them...nothing! It gives radio guys an excuse...well, we can't play you this week, we have too much Canadian content because the new Nickelback record came out..it's fucking horse shit! It's the only country in the world where the government tells the radio what it can & can't play on the air

I'd like to thank Jason for taking the time to sit down with me & if you haven't heard the "Drama Queen" cd by Neurosonic, make sure to check it out & also, check out the band all summer long on the Family Values tour!