Feb 6, 2012

3rd Eye Blind - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs


This show was last minute for Rock N Roll Experience, I have to thank Mr. A. Hell for his help with this on....you rock bro....thank you!


February 6, 2012

Baltimore, MD

Doors opened early for this show and the first band was on around 7:30 PM...at most rock shows that equates into the headliner taking the stage at 9 PM & the show ending just around 11 PM. At this show Third Eye Blind took the stage just before 8:30 PM & they were done by 10:30 PM...I guess the 90's rock crowd needs more sleep because of all that post-grunge apathy?!

Stephan Jenkins IS Third Eye Blind & at this point him & drummer Brad Hargreaves are the only 2 original members...it's comical to note that Jason Slater from Snake River Conspiracy was actually an original member of this band & co-wrote some of the music on their first record...that's a fact he still cringes over if you ever ask him about it!

The crowd was 80% female & what I forgot about this era was that the distinction between metal & 90's rock was simple...the music was toned down, people didn't dress up, the girls didn't dress like whore & the audience seemed depressed...it was kinda like going back to my high school years when I walked through this crowd...there I was, a full on rocker with long black hair, eye liner, leather jacket, etc., etc., all the cliche's of the genre I love, yet the crowd for Third Eye Blind was dressed simple, I don't even think some took showers before going out...that was the 90's....Kurt Cobain inspired apathy where people didn't dress up, no one seemed to celebrate the fluff o' life & just be careless....instead of sex, drugs & rock n roll you had disease, addictions & whining about not feeling loved.

To Third Eye Blinds credit, they played a 2 hour set that was best described as amplified singer-song writer music...what made me laugh though was the fact that they had 3 stacks o' Mesa amps onstage...they had MAJOR gear to play HEAVY music with & instead they played pop-rock.


The sound mix was the same throughout the venue...Stephan's voice was too muffled & I would have preferred a cleaner mix on his singing....in comparison, when I saw STAIND at this same venue a few weeks prior Aaron Lewis's vocals sounded clear, crisp & precise even when he was screaming...Jenkin's vocals sounded muddy all night long even when he did his solo acoustic stuff.


"Graduate" was played a few songs into the bands set & that was where I started to move a bit because that's one of the bands bigger singles which I actually felt leaned more towards a harder edge than the bulk of their pop stuff.

In the middle of the set they turned off all the lights & Stephan tossed out glow wands & it looked pretty trippy onstage...I was unsure if they were trying to bring a dance club element to their show or what...it was something that you might expect She Wants Revenge to do moreso than 3EB!

Stephan comes off like a pompous & arrogant ass onstage...I met him after the show & he seemed ok, a bit quiet & he asked me where the coolest place was to hang out in that area & I pointed him to the bar next door to the venue which is where he & the band ended up hanging for a bit.

"Graduate" was interesting because in the middle of the song Brad did a drum solo & he mixed it up with a partially traditional solo that then went into him mixing samples of hip hop, Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile" & then he did a dub step thing where he took Skrillex shit & played live drums to it...the crowd seemed to love it but I was very confused by it, I mean it was a Third Eye Blind show....I was expecting the bands lead guitarist to jam a Metallica song next...sadly that never happened!

The bands encore started with "Semi-Charmed Life" & that was a f**k up in my opinion because when they played that song the crowd was singing louder than Stephan was...that SHOULD have been the nights closer but instead they played 3 or 4 more songs after that one.

Looking at the merch table I give the band props, all of their tour shirts were between $20 - $25 in price & after the show the crowd promptly left...no hanging out, no partying, no drinking, it was just over!

All in all it was a fun night, it was not the type o' rock show I'm used to, the 90's rockers keep it sedate for the most part, but 3EB played a 2 hour set that ended early enough so the 30-somethings could get home and in bed because tomorrow was a work day!