Mar 8, 2007

Saliva (Jonathan & Dave) - Interview

By Bob Suehs


March 8, 2007

Recher Theatre

Towson, Maryland

I had the opportunity to do a pre-show interview with Saliva members, Jonathan (guitar) & Dave (bass) & I have to set this up by saying that this was one of the most fun interviews I could ever ask for....lots of joking, lots of fun, & you really had to be there to understand what I mean..these guys are so nice & down to rock star ego's, no attitudes, & they like to have fun!

Rock N Roll Experience: Who are some of your musical influences?

Dave: Pretty much anybody & everybody I've ever liked, but mainly like Pink Floyd & Tool & stuff like that for me & anything kinda along that vibe, more of the concept or the progressive kinda deal & pretty much anything Maynard (Keenan from Tool) does is golden

Jonathan: I like Motley Crue..I like Pantera too

Rock N Roll Experience: What's your favorite Motley Crue record?

Jonathan: Dr. Feelgood

Rock N Roll Experience: "You like Dr. Feelgood better than Too Fast For Love?" Dave: "Too Fast For Love" for me!

Jonathan: Well, I was 12 when it came out, so..."Shout at the Devil" is probably a better record, but Dr. Feelgood was my first, & my Dad said, "I don't want Motley Crue in the house." so I went out, bought it & stuck it under my bed & now they are my favorite band! Rock N Roll Experience: When you're on the road, how do you keep your sanity?

Jonathan: We don't sometimes...sometimes it gets kinda rough

Dave: We have alot of humor, basically

Jonathan: & Zanex! ha ha. Actually, when we stop to go somewhere, we all go our seperate ways like at the hotel, you may or may not here from the band on your day off..if we don't have to see each other, we probably won't & that's not because we don't want to, it's just because I see them so much.

Dave: I like some private moments

Jonathan: Yeah, I bet you like some private'll pull yourself up & (begins motioning like he's masturbating) ha ha..that's off the record, but on the record, I do it! ha ha

Dave: We play alot of Playstation games too...that's good times Rock N Roll Experience: Who is the girl on the front of the Every Six Seconds cd?

Dave: That was just some model..I have no idea...we weren't there for the photo shoot thing that she did...we get that question alot on the website & I never know exactly what to tell people ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: I read online that Josie loves that true?

Jonathan: I can answer that...YES!

Dave: More so, Ben & Jerry's Ice cream..any kind of sweets

Jonathan: Yeah,..any chocolate, any kind of sugar I think is what he goes for, but yeah, he did eat a whole box of chips ahoy one day, so ha ha..& Oreo's..2 boxes of Oreo's. Rock N Roll Experience: What's been the best & worst parts of being in Saliva for you?

Dave: I think the best was going out with Aerosmith & KISS & that was kinda a highlight for the career to see Steven Tyler over by the monitor board during our set & banging his head & stuff

Jonathan: I think the worst was just being broke.

Dave: Yeah..the downtime we had when Josie was doing his acting kinda hurt us financially & it was kinda hard to keep on Rock N Roll Experience: I always loved the "Survival of the Sickest" record, why didn't it do well?

Jonathan: It was more rock & kinda hanging out with your dang-gone stuff &... Dave: We were pissed off at some things during that time & it all showed on that record & it was an angry record

Rock N Roll Experience: Being from Tennessee, are you guys big Elvis fans or are you sick of him ?

Dave: I was never a real big fan...I think he was a great performer & stuff, but I'm not real big on his music

Jonathan: I am, I think just by proxy, I mean you're inundated with Elvis shit, so you kinda..ok, I get it ha ha..Josie's a big Elvis fan & we all like him, but I wouldn't say he's a major influence.

Dave: He's maybe the greatest performer ever

Jonathan: & biggest drug addict also! ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: "Did you foresee Saliva being around 10 years?"

Dave: Well, we hoped! We tried to make our best career out of it, but sometimes it gets hard to hang in there

Rock N Roll Experience: "Do you always close with the same song every night?"

Jonathan: We used to! ha ha

Dave: Lately, we just kinda discuss, Hey..what are we gonna do right now? It keeps it interesting

Jonathan: Usually it's "Your Disease" but last night it was "Ladies & Gentleman" Rock N Roll Experience: "Is the song "Ladies & Gentleman" all about Saliva & your vibe?"

Dave: Yeah, it is kinda about just the shows that we play every night &

Jonathan: It is pretty much about living a rock show

Dave: The vibe that we try to create

Jonathan: The good time, come & get it vibe

Rock N Roll Experience: "Is there anything else that I haven't asked you that you'd like to add?"

Jonathan : We'd like to thank our fans for buying the record..if you haven't already bought it, please buy it

Dave: Eve if your downloading it..thanks for listening!

Jonathan: We can't stop it, so congratulations on your download