Oct 26, 2009

Paul Stanley / Slunt - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs



Ram's Head Live

Baltimore, Maryland


PAUL STANLEY SET LIST: Live To Win, Hide Your Heart, A Million To One, Got To Choose, Move On, Bulletproof, Tonight You Belong To Me, Lick It Up, Wouldn't You Like To Know Me, Magic Touch, I Still Love You, Strutter, Every Time I See You Around, Do You Love Me?, I Want You, Love Gun, Lift, Detroit Rock City, Goodbye

Interesting indeed...Paul Stanley, the main main from KISS decided to do a solo record, & then do a small tour to support it...you might wonder, would the KISS army support this venture or demand the full KISS band? It's a no brainer..Paul is a Major part of KISS & the backing band he has on this tour, the house band from the TV show Rockstar and it proved that Paul is capable of entertaining the KISS followers one & all with no trouble at all on his own!

My favorite New York city sleaze rockers, Abby & SLUNT opened the show & this was actually the first show the band got to open on this tour, so I give them credit..they rocked like fuck!

I was actually bummed, but not surprised that the crowd could care less about Slunt..it was after all a KISS crowd, BUT, Slunt was amazing, I LOVED their set & Abby thanked me for rockin' out with them in the crowd since I was probably the only one who knew all their songs & honestly, I would have loved to have seen Slunt play a little longer..their set was comprised of mostly new material off their new cd & 3 older songs, "Now Or Never", "Ok Ok", & "Best Thing" which all rocked!

After the 30 minute set by Slunt, the stage was set for Paul Stanley..a giant banner with a huge star that had Paul's face in it adorned the backdrop & the equipment onstage was minimal, unlike a KISS show, & Paul opened with the title track off "Live to Win" & he interestingly flip flopped between KISS songs & solo material, both new & old! Most interesting song of the night for me was "Magic Touch" because Paul threw a guitar pic out & it landed in my hair..I had no clue what hit me, & I went to scratch my head & pulled out a Paul Stanley guitar pic..interesting, huh? lol. I apologize for not having any pics of Paul Stanley but I had a camera malfunction after the Slunt set, but anyways, it didn't matter, because if you see Paul's solo tour, you get all the KISS moves in a slightly less glossy package...Paul dances, prances, gets on his knees, tells stories & he even sang happy birthday to an 11 year old child in the crowd!

I was kinda surprised to see that Paul hasn't changed the set list at all since the tour has started, but the tour has just started, so I would imagine in time he will change it up. One thing I MUST add, is that the Rockstar House band is amazing..every one of those guys are amazing, stand up musicians that made the evening spectacular!