Oct 6, 2006

Veruca Salt - Jaxx

By Bob Suehs




JAXX; Springfield, Virginia


So Weird

Don't Make Me Prove It



Volcano GIrls



Save You

Born Entertainer

For Days




Sick As Your Secrets

Only You Know

Blissful Queen


Hell Raiser


On Friday, October 6, 2006, it was actually a kinda chilly day...I was making the commute from Maryland & taking the parking lot known as 495 to get to Springfield, Virginia to catch Chicago's answer to the Beatles, Veruca Salt, in their only area appearance. It was a 2 hour drive one way for me, BUT, I felt like it was well worth it because the material on "IV", the new Veruca Salt CD is sooo strong, I just really wanted to see the band play these songs live, & even though it was raining & cold, the trip was worth every second to see this show!

There was a few local VA bands that opened the show, & national act The Strays were direct support for Veruca Salt...I actually dug their set alot..think gritty punk with pop ethics...it was a good set, but there was so few people there at that point, that is was kinda sad. When the 2 local bands were on, the club was 1/2 packed, but when their sets ended the place kinda cleared out. When the Stray's ended I made my way to the front of the stage to get a close & clear shot of Veruca Salt.

Veruca Salt took the stage around midnight & there was some technical problems with Stephen's guitar rig & this actually made for the longest intro I've ever seen...the band literally stood there while their intro music played for about a minute, & then finally things were fixed & the opening harmonics of "So Weird" kicked in, & Louise, in mock fur coat & painted face, let her lovely vocals go & the show had begun!


I was really glad that the band played a set that was mostly new stuff, because their new cd is really strong & honestly, I think they could have easily played the entire CD from beginning to end, but we all know that there are classic Veruca Salt songs that they have to play, & Louise even commented that there wasn't enough time to play every Veruca Salt song, because the crowd was shouting out songs at various times through their set!

The new line-up of Veruca Salt is DEFINITELY the strongest & best line-up EVER...the harmonies are great, Stephen is a full-on rock star that has the energy of a rabbit on crack, & Louise has never sounded better! "Only You Know" was not on the set list, but added last minute, & at one point during their set, Louise made a comment of how she hate You Tube & said something along the lines of "fuck You Tube up the ass" because she was pissed over something that appeared on the site. For being sick with a cold, Louise gave an amazing performance, & while the band was tearing it up, it dawned on me that this is exactly what rock music is missing today...a great rock n roll band that's got great songs, tons of energy, & it's really apparent that they are having fun up there..they smile alot, interact with the crowd, & enjoy what they are doing..there's no depression or moping around on a Veruca Salt stage!

"Seether", "Spiderman" & "Victrola" were the songs that made the older fans in the crowd salivate, but "Sick As Your Secrets" & "Innocent" were the songs that really did it for me, because they are new songs & they really stand on their own, both on the CD & especially seeing the band jam 'em live! It's really sad that alot of people don't even know that Veruca Salt are still around...all I can really say is when the band roles through your town, you've gotta see them..they are a great rock n roll show that you won't soon forget! I'd like to dedicate this review to my friend Slugger, who's always there at the really good rock n roll shows & I'm glad she got to see this one especially!