Oct 4, 2009

Trivium (Paulo) - Interview

By Bob Suehs



Recher Theatre, Towson, Maryland

Trivium are a band that's played on both Sounds of the Underground & Ozzfest...they've seen their debut CD sell through the roof, & the interesting thing about Trivium is that they are bringing back the metal with shredding guitar solo's...so many bands in the nu-metal genre either couldn't play solo's, or just didn't include them, & Trivium are carrying the torch that was lit by bands like Judas Priest, Pantera, etc., & when the band came through town I had the opportunity to sit down with bassist Paulo & conduct an interview...here's what he had to say:

Rock N Roll Experience: Being from Florida, are you a big Marilyn Manson fan?

Paulo: I was really into Marilyn Manson when I got into metal...like at the time, all I knew was what was on TV & Radio & that's when "Anti-Christ Superstar" was out, so...

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you seen KISS in concert? (I asked this question because Paulo was wearing a KISS shirt)

Paulo: No, I have not....I'm surprised I didn't see them on their millions of reunion tours, but maybe one day I will.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you get your band name Trivium from the Spiderman comic book?

Paulo: No, the name came from the original singer...I don't even know his name because I wasn't even in the band yet, & he came up with the name & like a week later he got the boot because he wanted to go another direction with the band, I mean this was like the 1st or 2nd week of the bands existence, but the name stuck & it's just one of those names that is easy & rolls off the tongue for people & it's easy to remember.

Rock N Roll Experience: You know that Trivium is also from the Spiderman comics too though, right?

Paulo: Really? I've never even heard that.

Rock N Roll Experience: Tell me about the new Trivium CD.

Paulo: With "Ascendancy", we didn't know it was gonna do as well...you can never expect anything like that, I mean alot of people look at it now like, Oh man, there was a big push behind it, but when we came out, Roadrunner was expecting alot less, not that they didn't have faith in us, but you can never be sure how a band is gonna do for sure & we just worked really hard & I mean this new CD feels like a product of all the hard work & touring that we've done & stuff, & it really reflects, this is literally a CD that was written on the road, so you can take the album title, "The Crusade"...it's like our touring...the last few years of touring & the next few years coming up...there's always alot of hard work & struggle to get your music out to as many people as you can & that's really what the album is about...

Rock N Roll Experience: I saw Trivium at the Sounds of the Underground this year & you guys did that cool cover of "Master of Puppets".

Paulo: Oh yeah..we decided that since it was like a fun Summer tour, it would be a little more easy going to just throw in a cover & GWAR was doing their cover of "School's Out" so it was cool & the thing is that we had played it alot overseas because we were into the weird position of becoming a headlining band on just one cd really & "Ember to Inferno" was out before it, but "Ember" didn't have the touring behind it & "Ascendancy" is what got us there & so we really had to play all the stuff from "Ascendancy" & on our 2nd time coming back to headline a place we couldn't keep doing the same thing, so we started throwing in covers & right around that time is when Kerrang came to us with that Master of Puppets thing & we decided we should do it over here too since we did it overseas & it was fun, I love playing that song.

Rock N Roll Experience: What other covers did you play?

Paulo: It was literally, like whoever started playing a riff, we'd just kinda go into it..we did everything from Megadeth, Van Halen, & like everything...it's funny, because sometimes we would go into like cheesy songs, like a Blink 182 song & it was just funny to see how the crowd would go from screaming to booing as we would go through a different song...it was just fun to fuck with people ha ha.

Rock N Roll Experience: Trivium actually played a show where you guys got to use some of Dimebag's actually guitars...how was that?

Paulo: That was like December 8th of last year & Rita let us borrow the guitars to pay tribute to him & that was awesome to actually get to hold those things, like when we plugged them in, I swear to God, it was like the Heaviest we have EVER sounded...they are extremely hot-rodded & like, Dimebag's guitars sound exactly like you think they would sound! That was quite an experience! Some people even think we still have them, but I don't think some people realize that Matt & Corey are with Dean now, so those guitars look similar (but are not Dimebag's) ha ha.

Rock N Roll Experience: You've done both Sounds of the Underground & Ozzfest..which one was cooler?

Paulo: The crowds at Ozzfest were always packed & you always know you're gonna wake up to thousands & thousands, but Sounds of the Underground was way more laid back & it was just a cooler atmosphere.

Rock N Roll Experience: I actually thought Sounds of the Underground was cooler than Ozzfest.

Paulo: Yeah, it's cool, I mean it's definitely geared towards more underground bands...you don't see GWAR & Cannibal Corpse on Ozzfest & that is really cool to be able to go out & see some bands that have been on Ozzfest, but also bands that are not necessarily going to be on Ozzfest & who knows...it's really just laid band & your not stressed that you're gonna get kicked off the tour if you do something stupid when you're drunk, I mean coming from a dude that's done alot of dumb shit, I mean when you're drunk you do dumb stuff & it's rock n roll, so you've got to have a little bit of...laid back...the organization at Ozzfest, I'm not gonna knock that, it's like by far, one of the best ran festivals in the world, it's just a little bit uptight at times.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is there any chance Trivium will play Ozzfest 2007?

Paulo: There's always a chance..if they want us to do it I guess...if it's the right deal & the right situation for us...

Rock N Roll Experience: When this tour ends, what is next for Trivium?

Paulo: Iron Maiden...November & December we are doing all of Europe with Iron Maiden, which is the biggest opportunity of a lifetime, & then we are going over to Japan & then to New Zealand & Australia & there's so much touring that we are gonna be doing for this album, like I could go on..there are gonna be alot of dates & we are gonna go everywhere.