Aug 6, 2009

Ozzfest 2006 - Nissan Pavilion

By Bob Suehs



Nissan Pavilion

Bristow, VA

Ozzfest is always the ultimate metal concert for the basically get to see the top metal acts in the USA on one bill & as an added bonus, you get to see the Granddaddy of Heavy Metal, Mr. Ozzy Osbourne! This Summer however, the Ozzman decided to only play a few of his namesake shows, & the very last show he was playing on the tour was the one I was lucky enough to review!

The 2nd Stage is known to be the best area of the's where the younger crowd is & where the real energy is..the main stage loses alot because there is limited & sometimes no moshing allowed & you see more people sitting down on the main stage side than you do at the 2nd stage side, which creates a difference in energy levels. The highlights of the 2nd stage were as follows:

Strapping Young Lad just devastated the crowd that showed up nice & early...Devin is a mad scientist & Jed & co. are his evil henchmen that make this really evil sounding music that is rounded out by Devin's insane & off the wall lyrics & comments...Devin made a comment that he wanted the crowd to take a turd & sharpen the end & impale themselves with it, & there was some other crazy things said that really added a comic element to the morning!

Walls of Jericho are really different on a big stage as opposed to the smaller clubs that I've seen them at..interesting for sure.

Norma Jean came out in what looked like grease or dirt & they seriously reminded me of a few mechanics I know..they were literally covered from head to toe in mud or dirt or grease or something & it was strange.

Bleeding Through played a strong set & I think this band seems to get better & better every time I see them!

Zakk Wylde proves that he is definitely a guitar god...he played mind blowing solo after solo, & he gave the crowd their money's worth with his set, which was followed directly thereafter by another set featuring Zakk, only this time it was with Ozzy!

Ozzy's set was the best I've ever seen him in concert..he belongs on the 2nd stage every year...the crowd ate it up & I've never seen Ozzy smile so much onstage! Blasko adds alot to the band on bass & Mike Bordin is always amazing! At one point Ozzy soaked Sharon with water & Sharon watched from the side of the stage drenched!

The main stage kicked off with Dragonforce, but I missed most of their set because I was in the pit for Ozzy & it was murder trying to get out of there! I caught all of Lacuna Coil's set & they were good, as were Hatebreed, who played a Slayer cover towards the end of their abbreviated set.

Avenged Sevenfold got mixed reactions from the crowd...the MTV darling had some fans going nuts for them while others booed & yelled go home. There really is no pleasing a metal crowd...if you sell alot of records & get on radio & MTV, some are happy & others call you a sell out..I personally felt like A7X belonged on Ozzfest because they are a metal band...their music is totally influences by Metal & they are a good band! The big surprise was that the band did not play "Beast & the Harlot" even though it was listed on their set list, & the usual cover of Pantera's "Walk" was a crowd screamer!

Next up was my buddy John & Disturbed...having seen the band soo many times, it was interesting to see them co-headlining with SOAD as the main act on this years Ozzfest...Disturbed were on fire & played a strong set that covered all of the hits & alot of new stuff off their latest release 10,000 Fists.

System of a Down closed the show & their set seemed a little stiff at times...maybe they were tired, or maybe they were tired of each other? Serj gave it his all, Shavo seemed pumped & John was intense as usual, but their set was kinda off, especially as closers for the evening, but I'm sure there are some people who would say they rocked, that is just my opinion. This was one of the last few shows on the tour & you could feel the tour winding down for yet another year..Ozzfest 2006 was an interesting triumph in a year that did not really see too many great bands or that many memorable songs.