Jul 14, 2009

Shooter Jennings - Interview

By Bob Suehs


On 7/14/09 Rock N Roll Experience spoke with Shooter Jennings at the Warped Tour and the most interesting topic of the interview was Shooter Jennings on Marilyn Manson

"I wish he would have stayed out of the celebrity circuit, like, when I heard "Antichrist Superstar", that was a really influential album, dude, I listened to it all day long, I thought it was brilliant, he was scary, then when he went glam, I loved "Mechanical Animals", that was great shit, but then it was like, when (Trent) Reznor was gone, it felt like he lost his center.

I felt like the side step to the vaudeville thing was cool because it kept him original, but when he tried to side step back & be personal with "Eat Me Drink Me" it was hard for me & then the new album.

I was really stoked about it, I was really hoping it was going to be really awesome & the best song is "Rusted Horses", the acoustic ones...those are really cool, but some of it, like the "America" song, it was like, Dude, you can't come up with better than this? Twiggy's in the band & the music sounds way better, I like that song too, the "America" one, but it's still like, I was still a little let down, because I really wanted him to reclaim the throne & bury us in some craziness, you know?

I do think "Eat Me Drink Me" is better now than what I gave it credit for when it came out...when it came out I was like, "Oh, Shut up!", but overall I am a very big fan of Marilyn Manson & I can never forget the effect, even "Portrait of an American Family", all of his records had on me, it was very big! I'm a very big fan of that...when I heard that...see, I'm a gi-normous NIN fan & when I heard "Broken" I didn't really like the first album that much, but now I DO like it alot now.

I liked "Broken" so much though, it was like the most violent Rock N Roll, it wasn't all the way to Ministry & I LOVE Ministry, but it was this Rock N Roll sound that was this really violent thing & I loved it, then "Downward Spiral" was like huge, I think I played that record, easily, 5,000 times if not more!

I saw that tour twice, once with the Jim Rose Circus & Manson & Nails in Tennessee & I was like, this is the sickest show I've EVER seen, I was scared the death of the Jim Rose Circus, like, in my heart, I didn't know & all of a sudden I left that show a changed person! I saw Nails again on that tour & I saw them again on the "Fragile" tour, I saw them recently on the Janes Addiction tour & I think I'm gonna be in LA for the last couple "Wave Goodbye" Wiltern shows, I'm dying to see that, because he won me back over, because when I heard "The Fragile" I liked it, but I didn't love it as much as I loved the other ones & later I discovered more stuff I loved about it, but then when he put out "With Teeth" I was like, uh oh, I thought he was slipping a little bit, then when he put out "Year Zero" I got way back into it & it got me back into the other stuff, because "Year Zero" had this crazy concept, all this online shit, phone numbers, there was all kinds o' weird shit & he won me over & then I love the new album, so I'm very happy with Trent Reznor."