Jan 31, 2012

Lacuna Coil - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs



January 31, 2012

Baltimore, MD

Cristina Scabbia IS the hottest woman in Metal!

I had to start this review off by stating that & it's something I say based on what I saw at this show....Cristina's presence, her performance & her overall appeal is spot on and totally flawless!


In the early days of Lacuna Coil it was easy to overlook Cristina's looks because she dumbed it down for the most part & made her onstage performance more about her voice than her looks....flash forward to 2012 & Cristina has grown very comfortable with her onstage performance & presence to a point where she's honestly super sexy both onstage & offstage!

Cristina is a very short person when you meet her face to face BUT onstage she comes off like a larger than life rock goddess & I believe it has to do with her amazing voice, stunning looks & stellar performance she delivers when she performs!


This particular show was one of 2 "off night shows" Lacuna Coil had while touring with the 2012 Gigantour & out of all the times I've seen the band over the years this was hands down the BEST Lacuna Coil show I've ever seen!

The stage set up was simple: they had a large Lacuna Coil backdrop that covered the entire wall, each guitarist had a 1/2 stack o' amps, the drum kit was on a riser & the main front of the stage was cleared for Cristina & Andrea!

The night started off with 2 local openers: Vessel & Forgive The Fallen and both bands brought their own crowds which is not always the norm when local bands play on a weeknight in Baltimore. My buddies in Forgive the Fallen (Mike, Bill & Adrianna) killed it!

Throughout most of the set the 2 guitarists in Lacuna Coil made their sides of the stage distinctive not only by their playing styles but by their looks as well: Pizza had stage right, sporting shorter dirty blonde locks & playing a white ESP most of the night while Marco had stage left, sporting long curly hair & gray facial hair and he used a black ESP most of the night.


The set list mixed in several new songs alongside old favorites & the venue wasn't totally sold out BUT it was close...the place was packed in tight & I will say for the record that this was the BEST rock show I covered for the month of January, 2012!

This was actually the beginning of the bands year long tour in support of their just released record "Dark Adrenaline" & on this very night the band performed "I Don't Believe in Tomorrow" for the first time EVER onstage & the song sounded fantastic!


The bands set list for the night was:

Our Truth, Upsidedown, Kill The Light, To The Edge, Fragile, Swamped, Wide Awake, I Don't Believe in Tomorrow, Give Me Something More, I Won't Tell You, Underdog, I'm Not Afraid, Heaven's a Lie, Survive, Trip The Darkness, Spellbound

Cristina made it a point to tell the crowd that the band would be doing their own headlining run sometime in April & that hopefully they would be back through the Maryland area on that run....judging by the audience's reception the crowd was as excited for their upcoming show as the band was to announce it!


I'm not sure what the relevance of it was, but only the 2 singers in the band wore red on their shirts while the rest of the band were decked out in all black.

Listening really closely to the singing & music...as a musician I can spot little things like backing tracks & samples almost instantly & indeed there were some backing tracks during certain songs & some parts were sampled during the live show BUT in the bands defense MOST modern rock bands use tracks & samples...the band DID play live & the 2 singers in the band DID sing live as well.

This was one of those rock shows where I will admit I left feeling content...I saw a show where the music sounded great, the band put on a killer show & there was a very communal vibe in the venue...no violence, no hate, no anger, just a large group o' music fans gathered to see a good rock show...that's how EVERY rock show should be!