Oct 27, 2009

Veruca Salt - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs

Veruca Salt


Baltimore, MD

Veruca Salt rolled into Maryland on October 27, 2005, to rock the Ram's Head Live in Baltimore, Maryland, & to be honest with you, this was the first time I had the opportunity to see the band live & they blew me away!

There were 3 opening bands that were all okay....I was there to see Veruca Salt, so I didn't really bother trying to get too into any of their sets. They were all okay...some were better than others & one was just really boring which is why I choose to NOT speak of the opening acts!

If you've never had the pleasure of going to see a concert at the Ram's Head Live in Baltimore, you MUST check this place out some time...it's a really high end concert venue & the sound is KILLER!

I would say that this venue might have the best acoustics of ANY club on the East Coast that I have been too!

Veruca Salt hit the stage around 10 PM or so & the room was NOT very filled...I'll conservatively guess that there was maybe 50 people there, BUT, the band rocked the house like there was 50,000!

Stephen & Louise cover the stage with thick guitar tones & while Louise anchors down each song with vocals, Stephen runs around like a mad-man & plays the roll of a rockstar VERY well! Veruca Salt's set kicked off with the "Eight Arms To Hold You" number "Don't Make Me Prove It" & then quickly went into "Spiderman", followed by "Volcano Girls"! I thought it was a great formula of coming out with rockin' songs like that, because the crowd was REALLY into the band & the band had a great energy about them that just really worked!

Louise's pink beaded necklace broke onstage & there was little pink beads that rolled all over & Louise commented that it might be a bad thing because she could trip in her platform boots that she wore. The band played 3 new songs off their new EP, which is currently only available at Live gigs, but will soon be available at the bands website (www.verucasalt.com) & the new songs rocked! "Shutterbug" was one of my personal favorites of the night...it's a definite Louise Post moment & to this day that song is killer!

"Born Entertainer" & "Officially Dead" off the Resolver record were great live & the band finished off their first set with "Straight" & at the end of that song Stephen handed me his guitar & pic & walked off stage, which I thought was really cool..how many bands do stuff like that?!?

At one point a female fan asked Louise to play "Disconnected" & Louise replied, "Shit girl!" & then she actually played part of it by herself! The encore consisted of Louise going acoustic & Stephen accompanying her on electric guitar & the last 2 songs of the night were "Seether" & "Hell Raiser" which blew the roof off the place!

Sound & energy wise, Veruca Salt has NEVER been better! The band were dead on, they played a solid set of hits & classics & newer stuff & I personally left the show feeling very fulfilled!

On an odd personal note...when I got there, I had a problem with my tickets...my name was supposed to be on the guest list, but it wasn't, so I had to call Louise & I found myself setting there text messaging her for a few minutes...how many people can say they are text messaging the band before the show?!? Everything worked out & I need to thank Louise, her tour manager & their publicist for hooking everything up!