Oct 27, 2009

Veruca Salt (Louise) - Interview

By Bob Suehs

Veruca Salt are a band that is probably best known for their hits, "Seether" & "Volcano Girls"...the latter of which, is where the band SEETHER actually got their name from! Veruca Salt is a band that mixes the Pixies with AC/DC style hard rock to create a unique & original style of rock music that is written from a female point of view via Louise Post. Louise is the core of Veruca Salt & when I found out that the band was playing the Maryland area on October 27, 2005, I immediately put a plan in motion to cover the show & try to arrange for an interview with Louise, so when I got everything squared away it was actually a thrill to me, because I've been a fan of Veruca Salt's music for many years & this is the first time that Rock N Roll Experience was able to interview Louise Post, so without any further rambling..here's the interview!

Rock N Roll Experience: How has the tour been so far? (as of Oct 21, 2005)

Louise: The tours been great, thank you...we've been having really, really good shows & we've been having really, really great people coming to the shows & we have alot of really hardcore, devoted fans & that has been really touching

Rock N Roll Experience: What is the set list like for this tour...are you doing mostly new stuff, old stuff, or a mix of both?

Louise: We're doing a full-on mixture..old & new & everything in-between

Rock N Roll Experience: Has Veruca Salt recorded any new material yet?

Louise: Yeah...we are actually touring on a new EP called "Lords of Sounds & Lesser Things" & it's a 5 song EP & it is at the pressing plant right now, but it is going to be available for the first time at our Atlanta show on Monday night (oct. 24) so I am really excited about it.

Rock N Roll Experience: Can I ask what happened between you & Nina Gordon?

Louise: Well...the old creative differences thing came into play...the old cliche...it's a cliche for a reason I suppose as indicated by our separate journeys since...we've gone sorta different directions...I think I sorta stayed in my own direction & she (Nina) sorta branched out into more of a pop world & that was really coming to a head on our last record...I was feeling the pull & then beyond that we were sorts siamese twins for 6 years & we used to joke that it was everything but the ring because we were essentially married & we had signed contracts together & I think our friendship just sorta ran it's course...our partnership I should say.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did the turbulence between you & Nina make "Eight Arms To Hold You" such a great record, because I thought "Eight Arms.." was a great record.

Louise: Oh thank you..perhaps ....

Rock N Roll Experience: Will you ever release the song "Oreo Cookie"?

Louise: Awww, that is so funny..that song has become this weird little legend ha ha, no, I don't think so ha ha. We played it once at this club in Massachusetts & J. Mascis from Dinosaur Junior was there with one of his friends & his friend was heckling us because there was only like 10 people at the show & after we played that song his friend goes "Drop It!" or "Lose It!" or something like that & I think that was the last time we played "Oreo Cookie"

Rock N Roll Experience: Tell me about the new EP...is it a rock EP?

Louise: Yeah, it's rock....there's a little less harmonies on it than I'm used to adding to songs because I think probably because I don't have the partnership with Nina anymore & most definitely because I generally sing my own harmonies & these new songs didn't seem to call for as many so it's a little different in that respect, but there are some songs that are definitely heavy & pop harmonies, but yeah, it's rock & there are a couple of epic beauties & it's from the heart.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you playing all 5 of those new songs off the new EP on this current tour live?

Louise: No, we are actually playing 4 of them..one of them we just didn't get up & running.

Rock N Roll Experience: What happened with the band Bastard & Courtney Love?

Louise: I worked with Courtney for about a month on songs for that band & we just had a personality incompatibility & I walked away from that project & then it morphed into Courtney Love solo because the band that she began with didn't...maybe it wasn't meant to be...I'll say that the nicest way I could say it.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is the song "Smoke & Mirrors" (which is only available as a FREE download on www.verucasalt.com) about Courtney Love?

Louise: Uhmm, Yeah & I'm not really happy about that..I think I'm gonna take it down from the website because I don't really feel that rage anymore & I don't like any negative lyrics to be pointed towards people specifically

Rock N Roll Experience: But I've got to be honest with you, it's the ONLY song I've ever heard that has the line "Crackhead Queers" in it & I thought it was a great song.

Louise: well that (line) wasn't about her ha ha, that line wasn't directed towards her...it was sorta saying if I had to be with her or some other crazy folks I'd choose them.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you playing "Smoke & Mirrors" live?

Louise: No, we're not, I'm sorry to say, because you like it ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: Will there be a new full length Veruca Salt record to follow the new EP?

Louise: Yeah..that is the plan, to record this Winter & release it in the Summer

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you go online much & check out the message boards?

Louise: I do..I have been, like historically really active on my message board & chatting alot with the fans & board members who have really sorta become friends, like I try to get them on the guest list & I'll see them whenever I can & it's really great when I'm out on the road to run into board members because I know them by their screen name & by their posts, but not by their face to the name. I haven't been on my board in a while, I just took a little break...sometimes I need to re-seed into my own little private world & not connect with the people who connect to my music as much, but now it's like being back out on the road, it's definitely fueling to run into people who are such hardcore fans.

Rock N Roll Experience: How many guitars are you taking out on the road with you this tour?

Louise: We toured in Australia twice in the past couple of years so I'm so used to just bringing 3 guitars that bringing 4 seemed extravagant to me ha ha, because bringing 3 was like an extra luggage fee when we fly, so I brought 4 so I had one as a back-up..I wish I had brought more now, because I wanna play my other guitars.

Rock N Roll Experience: What kind of guitars do you currently have with you?

Louise: I have my 2 pink Flying V's which are Epiphone's & they were custom made for me & they were a gift & they are beautiful & they rock & then I brought my brown SG which is my beloved, it's a '78 or something, & I have my sparkle ESP which is another favorite..it's a really solid guitar


Rock N Roll Experience: Did you ever consider just going out under the name Louise Post as opposed to carrying on with Veruca Salt?

Louise: There was a sorta moment of truth for me when I decided to continue on with Veruca Salt & I never really liked the idea of having a solo project, I always wanted to have a band & on Resolver, especially, when this really took off, I love the collaboration effort & the process of being 4 musicians making music together & I just don't like the idea of having session musicians & paying people & not having it be organic, it just feels very stiff to me.

Rock N Roll Experience: Why did you take so much time off between records?

Louise: Well, it was frustrating to me, because I was living out in LA alone, there was some question as to how available the band was & by guitar player Steven moved to Pittsburgh because his girlfriend got into Carnegie/Mellon so he moved out there from Chicago, I moved to LA which was my choice, but it made me very far away from my band & I moved out there to initially to do that band with Courtney (Love) as a side project but when that didn't work out I stayed because I really liked LA & I was ready for a change, so I was feeling pretty isolated out there & I didn't feel any momentum because we didn't have band practice, I'd have to fly everyone out just to do some demo's & I just couldn't make it all happen & I was also feeling like the industry was not a very pleasant or inviting place to be...it was like..it was just the music that was coming out after Resolver was like Britney Spears, Christina Aguiliara & that whole trend & it was so nauseating & all of the companies were merging & changing & shifting & I just felt like it was a hostile environment & that might have been my imagination, but I didn't have the perseverance at the time to just keep everything in motion, like when I think back on it I think, why didn't I just go back into the studio after Resolver? but, there was alot of other stuff going on like my label...I wasn't happy with my label so I asked for release, which they granted me, & then they went bankrupt, so I was without a label & I shifted management, so I was between management & it was just alot for me to handle & so I just backed off for a while & I spent alot of time with my family, spent alot of time with my boyfriend, wrote music & did demo's, & we did demo's intermittently, but we didn't have enough momentum to get back on the road, get back in the studio, & it took me a while to get centered & regain my focus & my energy & my excitement about making music & touring again & that's what happened, so here we are.

Rock N Roll Experience: I know what you mean..I felt like Resolver was a great, great record, & nothing really happened with it, it just kinda fell to the waist side.

Louise: Yeah..that was heart breaking for me & that was hard for me to handle, like I really thought I wouldn't care if it sold 3,000 or 3 million copies, but when all was said & done I felt like not enough people had heard it & it was really crushing for me personally & I just didn't have the strength to go out there & try it all again because I put my heart & soul into that record.

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you ever met the band SEETHER & what do you think of them using your song title?

Louise: Well, when I first heard about it, it struck me as really absurd & actually someone asked me this question recently & I realized that it kind of pissed me off when I heard about it because it felt like our property ha ha & it just felt weird that they appropriated it & I had also heard that initially they claimed to have never r of us or the song, but since then I have heard that they are fans of the band because they love the song & I've also rethought about it & like I haven't given it that much thought actually, but when people ask me this question I think about it. We appropriated all kinds of shit, like "American Thighs" is a line from "You Shook Me All Might Long" by AC/DC & "Eight Arms To Hold You" was the working title for the (Beatles) movie "Help", & "Resolver" was a play on "Revolver" (by the Beatles) & I think if it's anything it's like a big honor for them to have done that.

Rock N Roll Experience: Can I ask what a "Seether" is?

Louise: Well, I like to say that it is whatever you want it to be ha ha, but we used to say that it was our internal vacuum cleaner ha ha, but it's basically just about the consummation of anger, the anger that surfaces & is relentless..you can't suppress it for very long..it will emerge.

Rock N Roll Experience: Can you tell me what the song "Spiderman" is about?

Louise: "Spiderman" was about this by I dated in Chicago..he was from the south side of Chicago & he wasn't smart enough for me ha ha, but I fell for him anyway & then the relationship ended & I remember thinking like...why does this matter at all? How did I start to care about this person? He's not good enough for me in any respect..how did I get so tangled with this guy? So those lyrics, like, "He came up from the south with oil on his hands" was like him working on his car & "Reds pulled from a can" is him smoking his Marlboro reds & it was all in relation to that guy & his name was Kevin ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: Very cool..is there anything else that I haven't asked you that you'd like to say?

Louise: Well, I'm really excited to play in Baltimore & in part because we've had really rockin' shows there in the past & in part because I've become a "Wire" (HBO TV show) fanatic..I'm such a huge fan..I just finished the 2nd season & we don't have cable right now so I'm waiting for the 3rd season to come out on DVD & we have it lined up in our Net-Flix Q ha ha. If I had another band I would call it the "Barksdale Murders"