Oct 12, 2009

Liz Phair - 9:30 Club

By Bob Suehs



9:30 Club

Washington, DC

It was actually a fairly dry day on October 12, 2005, outside of Washington, DC at the 9:30 Club...I say this, because the past week has brought boat loads of rain to the entire area & it was a pleasant surprise to see that the sky didn't open up & just pour rain down on the waiting Liz Phair fans that lined up to see the show.

The line consisted of about 10? people until about 30 minutes before the doors & then things picked up, but the club didn't actually fill in until after openers Matt Pond PA was onstage. The crowd was a mix of young & old, & overall there was a very communal type vibe in the place...everyone was very polite, there was NO moshing, no shoving, it was all very cool!

Matt Pond PA came on sometime after 8 PM & they featured a cello player that sat dead center onstage with them & she played just about every song with the band! I looked over at the huge rack of effects pedals the guitar player to the left had & it made me sorta laugh, because their music was REALLY mellow & almost boring. I'm NOT slamming them, I just didn't get into them...their music was more suited for someone else. Liz Phair's stage featured these can's that were like large candles & they occasionally changed colors during certain songs. The stage set-up was pretty simple..there was a drum kit & keyboards in the back & Liz, Dino & her bass player were upfront, & I might add that her bass player reminded me of Side-Show Bob from the Simpsons!

Liz's set opened with a few acoustic numbers which included "Soapstar Joe", "Jeremy Engle" & "Baby Got Going". Liz commented to her band that she changed the set list, so the songs that were written on the set list on stage was pretty much worthless, because she changed up EVERYTHING! "Lazy Dreamer" was probably my favorite song she played off the new "Somebody's Miracle" CD...it just seemed to really work well live & it went over well with the crowd too, BUT, as far as crowd favorites go, I'd have to say that "Polyester Bride" & "Fuck & Run" were the 2 biggest crowd pleasers that got everyone singing along!

"Rock Me" was played early in the set & the mix sounded a little less rock than on her previous tour, or perhaps where I was standing I heard too much keyboards in the mix. Liz played a Yamaha Pacifica guitar that is pretty much a white Fender Strat knock-off for most of the night until during "Supernova" when she broke a g string on her guitar & her guitar tech handed her the famous cream colored Fender that Liz is known for! During part of the show, someone yelled out, "Liz..are you married?" because Liz & guitarist Dino both have rings on their fingers that would make it look as if they are married, but Liz smiled & said, "No" & looked at Dino. Liz's band were really into their performance & "Divorce Song" was one of my personal favorites of the night. "Cinco de Mayo", HWC", "Mesmerizing", "Extraordinary" & many more were all played & I have to admit that Liz was in great spirits & played a really good set...alot of people didn't realize this but Liz did 2 radio promotions the same day & played 2 mini sets before the main concert for radio winners in Baltimore & DC.