Jan 26, 2012

Stars and the Sea - The Side Bar

By Bob Suehs


January 26, 2012

Baltimore, MD

Stars and The Sea blend indie rock with elements of aggressive rock to create a swirl of music that mixes Urge Overkill, Elvis Costello & Sonic Youth with Jeff Buckley while still maintaining an original vibe & sound that's all their own!

Shane is the bands singer/guitarist & his presence is dark & brooding but his image is shattered when you see him perform because onstage he's equal parts singer songerwriter & indie rockstar...his guitar tone this night was clean, crisp & sharp which is rare for the Sidebar and the rhythm section was solid, in time & overall the band just sounded sweet from start to finish!

Stars and The Sea is a 3 piece band & the interesting thing to note about the band is they have the minimal amount of members required to rock, they carry just enough gear onstage to sound good & their music follows the same etiquette in that they don't over-do anything....they keep it tasteful, short & to the point; each song delivers just enough to keep you wanting more...there's no overkill, no redundancy & it all seems to just "fit" when you see the band live!

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