Nov 1, 2009

Iggy Pop - Recher Theatre

By Bob Suehs



Recher Theatre, Maryland

The day was a Thursday, it was average temperature outside, at about 6:30 PM, normally the Recher Theatre in Towson, Maryland, would have a large wrap-around line for most national acts that play the place, but this night, the line was small & you could see that it was comprised of die-hard Iggy Pop fans young & old

Iggy had no opening act at all...the doors opened at 7 PM roughly, & at 8 PM on the nose Iggy took the stage shirtless & jumping all over the place

Iggy looks really old nowadays..he sorts reminds me of someone's grandfather, & he has really bad hair, but for a man his age, he can rock! Iggy opened with the first track on his latest release BEAT "EM UP, "Mask", which set the pace for a set list that was mixed with old & new songs. During "I Wanna Be Your Dog", the crowd, & even the security guys went crazy!~ Iggy actually let me sing one line with him too during that song & Iggy eventually stage dove 2 times into the crowd. As I looked at Iggy very close-up, I could see the scares on his chest from the many times he had cut himself on stage, I observed the veins that bulged like blisters from the hot sun all over his chest & head...Iggy is a very in-your-face performer & it was obvious that he had a great time performing for this small crowd! Iggy's wife stood on the side of the stage too & sang along to almost every song & Iggy would look back at her every so often & smile!

During "The Passenger", Iggy invited anyone who wanted to come up on stage, to come on up, & he had a stage full of fans, which is sorta rare for any band to that stuff today! Iggy's band was comprised of relatively unknown musicians, & they were pretty good too... "Search & Destroy" was my personal favorite & it destroyed the place as far as I was concerned. This was my first time ever personally getting to see Iggy Pop live & it was a mind blowing experience!

After the show, Iggy came out & met with fans, but the show ended at 9:30, which was way too early in my opinion!