Jun 8, 2009

Mudvayne - Interview

By Bob Suehs

I'm always looking for what I find entertaining, whether it be on Television, real life, or Music, & with the band Mudvayne, I think you'll agree with me that this is a band of vibrant new talent that borrows from the old school theatrics of KISS, Marilyn Manson & Alice Cooper, but mixes it up a bit with a Slipknot style twist. The band is violent, their music is aggressive & they are primed for success, so Here's an exclusive interview with lead singer Kud from the band

Rock N Roll Experience: "How did you come up with the name Mudvayne & what does it mean?"

Kud: It's more of like a channeling of information.. we like to look around us & threw our eyes & ears see basically what it is, it's just a tube of bad things. Who knows, we came up with the name some how, it sounds cool & we made our analogies after that

Rock N Roll Experience: "How did you get the name Kud?"

Kud: Archnemesis...a stage persona...Matt (the drummer) named me & I named Matt Stag

Rock N Roll Experience: "I haven't gotten to see you live yet..describe your live show to me"

Kud: Very Intense, beautiful & ugly, bloody, alot of make up. Part of our stimuli is visual, It's not pseudo by any means, it's very real..what you're seeing is very real.. It's not like I'm running around going oooh..look at me, I'm a crazy guy in make up or anything like that, there's alot of emotions, there's alot of things that are going through my head, I try to get into my other half before shows, which is Kud

Rock N Roll Experience: "So would you say that you're closer to Marilyn Manson & Slipknot than KISS?"

Kud: Absolutely, ha ha ha, Absolutely, there's no I wanna Rock N Roll All Night & Party Everyday here.

Rock N Roll Experience: "What is the most strange thing that's happened on stage to you?"

Kud: Fighting, Me & Ryan will get into it, he's playing his bass & I'm doing my thing & we're like kicking & punching...it's adolescent, but it just kinda happened, we ran into each other & it was full on because we're both pretty intense & we were just having a moment...put it that way

Rock N Roll Experience: "Did the fight carry on after the show?"

Kud: No no, we actually laughed about it after the show, but at the time it was really intense, it was super intense

Rock N Roll Experience: "Why the medical, sterile feel to the CD artwork?"

Kud: Everything we do we like to do, not necessarily consciously, but we like to do things to set ourselves aside from other people & things that are going on in music. When it comes down to even logos...whatever, everybody's got a dirty looking logo & everybody wants ugly art & the symbolism of the CD art is new life..I mean that's what it's all about, it's about starting over, it's about consequences, endings & new beginnings which is where the baby comes in on the cover. A baby in most anything, or people shaving their head or anything like that is symbolism of new life

Rock N Roll Experience: "What do you think of Marilyn Manson?"

Kud: I love him, he's a fuckin brilliant mind

Rock N Roll Experience: "How long has Mudvayne been around?"

Kud: We've been together for about 5 years, it will actually be 5 years in February..3 years with Ryan

Rock N Roll Experience: "Was there any independent releases?"

Kud: One, It was called Kill Adam

Rock N Roll Experience: "Do you go on ebay & what do you think of people selling bootleg merchandise of yours?"

Kud: I've been there recently, but not frequently. It think it's bullshit, people are making money off of other people, but whatever, I mean who cares....it's making people aware of us & it's a souvenir, so if people wanna pay for it go ahead. The first CD sold for $167 on ebay, we sold them for $8..I was like Damn..I wish I still had a box of those.

Rock N Roll Experience: "How many were pressed?"

Kud: 1,000

Rock N Roll Experience: "What area are you from?"

Kud: We're from Peoria, Illinois

Rock N Roll Experience: "How did the band come together?"

Kud: Actually our old bass player put the band together...but he fell to the waste side. He had a bad attitude, we were trying to go...we were trying to do different...we wanted to open our minds to what we were doing because we all come from theatrical backgrounds since that's what we were into & things like that & he just wanted to be an everybody else band...he questioned our music, he questioned our look, he questioned everything about everything & it was just like...you're in the wrong fuckin band so see you later...he didn't want to take any chances, he wanted to formulate everything, he wanted to be like 311, wanted to be rap, blah, blah & I'm like you know, I'll do what I fell like I need to do

Rock N Roll Experience: "What's your favorite song off of the new CD?"

Kud: I don't have one..I like them all...I like "Severed" alot, I like "Death Blooms" alot, I Like "Dig" alot...I just like them all..the more obscure, the more I like it

Rock N Roll Experience: "How old are you?"

Kud: 28

Rock N Roll Experience: "How did you hook up with Slipknot?"

Kud: It was through our A & R guy Steve Richards. Steve Richards A&R'd for us & he was Slipknot's manager, he had got the CD & he was blown away, so he came to see us & he set it up in Chicago & they played in Chicago that night, so he brought the Clown (Shawn from Slipknot) with him & We came out & did our showcase & then hung out with the Clown afterwards & just one thing led to another & he wanted to be involved from the beginning...he liked the direction of the band...we pissed him off during the showcase

Rock N Roll Experience: "How did you do that?"

Kud: I was just...I got pissed off..the microphone went out on me...You can imagine, you're form the central midwest...ou're going to showcase for Epic records, you're in full make up, full lights, full PA in a 2,000 square foot room, 4 people come walking in..it's your manager, an exec from Epic, the Clown from Slipknot & Clown's tech..they come walking in, we come walking out, we start playing for 4 people & my microphone goes out during the 1st song, the 1st line so I just fuckin spike it & started screaming in their face...I just climbed over the shit & got right into their faces & started screaming & I went mental...I was embarrassed, I went mental, I didn't know what to do, I was confused, I just went off...well that pissed them off because I was in his face & he liked it because he's (Clown) fuckin mental anyways, he could feel it, the intensity of what we were doing...I was just doing my thing, i wasn't trying to be weird, & he walked up to me afterwards & poked hi finger in my chest & goes you got fucking issues & that's a compliment from the clown.