Mar 8, 2008

The Donna's (Brett) - Interview

By Bob Suehs

An Interview with Brett from THE DONNA’S

The Donna’s are a kick ass, straight up, no bs, all female, rock n roll free-for-all, that’s, in all honesty, really simple, but then again, the simplest things are usually the most amazing & interesting...The Donna’s rock is a passion, they don’t over complicate things, & they’ve really developed their sound since their early releases! The band is currently out on the road with The Hives & I recently had the opportunity to interview Brett, the bands lead singer when they were in DC on 3/8/08. Brett admitted to me that she was a little hung over from the night before’s partying in New York, but I thought she came across as being totally sweet, honest, & sincere..she’s obviously a huge fan of rock music, & I have to admit that this interview wasn’t even like an was more like I was talking to another music fan who shared a love & passion for much of the same stuff that I do, so without any further build up, here’s what Brett had to say!:

Rock N Roll Experience: How has the tour with The Hives been so far?

Brett: They are awesome tour mates, tonight is our last night with them, so we are really’s been such a great tour, it’s like a perfect match..their fans are so awesome & it’s so fun to play for them every night.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you still doing the cover of “Round & Round” by Ratt?

Brett: We are not doing that on these shows because we are playing a short set, but yeah, we were doing that for a while...we actually recorded it with Stephen Pearcy & it was was so much fun!

Rock N Roll Experience: I noticed that you borrowed one of your newer T-shirt designs from Poison’s “Look What the Cat Dragged In”.

Brett: Yeah, yeah ha ha..that was inspired heavily by that

Rock N Roll Experience: So who is your favorite hair band?

Brett: Well, Motley Crue I think had the best, like, style & because their style is sorta like original in it’s own right, & also, I think Cinderella was like really, musically, like they didn’t need the look at all, their music stands on it’s own

Rock N Roll Experience: It’s funny too how much Tom Keifer from Cinderella borrowed from Steven Tyler as well!

Brett: Yeah, I know

Rock N Roll Experience: Tom Keifer had this amazing voice & was always so underrated

Brett: I couldn’t agree more, you’d fit in on our bus! Like they (Cinderella) was a great band & are totally underrated & again, the look, I think they sorta did themselves a disservice by looking the part..alot of people wrote them off

Rock N Roll Experience: You know what though, it’s funny you call Motley Crue a hair band, because I always thought that when they did Dr. Feelgood & after that point, that they kinda went further than just being a “hair band”

Brett: That’s true, that’s true, I mean, but if you look at the artwork for “Shout at the Devil”, they’ll be a hair band forever! ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: I think “Too Fast For Love” is Motley’s best record too, personally.

Brett: Everyone always like’s that one the best & I always feel like, yeah, technically, on paper, they were right, but, I have a special connection with “Shout at the Devil”

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you actually like “Theatre of Pain” though? haha

Brett: I that’s got “Home Sweet Home” on it...I have it on cassette

Rock N Roll Experience: It’s so nice to talk to someone from my era who had cassette’s! ha ha It’s all about downloading today!

Brett: I know, it’s weird, but I have like a cassette collection & I mean we all did, obviously, & I’m even kinda later in the game, because I mean even records, they were super cheap for like $1.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you have any special warm-ups before you take the stage?

Brett: Today we will ha ha because we had a big party last night & it was actually fun, it was in New York, it was great, so today, I’ll be be drinking tea or maybe a Hot Tade & we like to say a prayer together, it’s like a non-denominational prayer that’s kinda like a motivational speech & we all hold hands & it’s a good thing to get us all on the same page & we are like a unit

Rock N Roll Experience: What’s your favorite song to play live?

Brett: Right now it’s “Wasted” & then “Smoke You Out”

Rock N Roll Experience: I have to ask you, who is that on the front cover of the new cd?

Brett: Everybody wants to know! It’s’s an amalgamation. It’s like a guy & a girl, it’s supposed to be androgynous

Rock N Roll Experience: It kinda reminds me of Motley Crue’s “Too Fast For Love” cover

Brett: Did it, kinda? ha ha...I love that, that you’d say it that way, instead of, you guys totally ripped that cover off, because it’s like a f**king homage

Rock N Roll Experience: It’s definitely better than Accept’s “Balls To The Wall” album cover! ha ha

Brett: Oh, thank you, I feel you! It’s also like the Loverboy “Working for the Weekend” cover...we like crotch & ass action, like that area is where it all happens!

Rock N Roll Experience: So when this tour is over, what’s next for the Donna’s?

Brett: We are doing SXSW & that’ll be really fun & then we are going to go to Australia

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you doing any of the Summer Festivals here in the USA?

Brett: We are actually doing a bunch of festivals in Europe

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you a Marilyn Manson fan?

Brett: I’m more a fan of his, personally than music...actually, you know what, “Dope Show” was f**king rad & the video is hilarious, so yes, I am, I just never realized that till right now! F**k, I’m a Marilyn Manson fan! We should play with him, that would be a fun show!

Rock N Roll Experience: Hey, did you ever see the movie “Rockstar”?

Brett: Could I just say, speaking about underrated actors, I think when you watch him in (the phone reception got a little staticky, so I missed this movie mention..sorry!) or Boogie Nights, or Rockstar, it’s like, omg, that guy is the best actor ever, he’s f**king hilarious...The Departed..I love Mark Walberg! (Rockstar) was was so funny that Jennifer Aniston was in it...she kinda ruined it (Rockstar) for me & I like her, but she shouldn’t have been in that movie

Rock N Roll Experience: When I see Jennifer Aniston, all I see is Friends.

Brett: Exactly...she is like an actress, not a magician

I’d like to thank Brett for a fun all honesty, this interview was more like 2 music fans just talking about things we are very passionate about, & trust me, it was actually a pleasure talking to Brett.