May 24, 2010

Lacuna Coil - Recher Theatre

By Bob Suehs


May 24, 2010

Towson, Maryland

The 6 members of Lacuna Coil create a unique blend of beat oriented hard rock times it's got elements of dance music, there's the straight up hard rock stuff, then there's the tender ballads where Christina sings her heart out....all in all, Lacuna Coil are an interesting band to check out if you are a fan of music

Lacuna Coil played a headlining show here in Towson, Maryland on May 24, 2010 & I've seen Lacuna Coil many, many times in concert, but this was actually the first time I'd ever seen the band headline a show & I'll admit that at first I wasn't sure if the band was strong enough to headline, BUT, when you realize how many songs they have to choose from then you realize the bands got the potential to headline here in the USA!

The set list for this show was:




I'm Not Afraid


Tight Rope


I Won't Tell You

Heaven's A Lie


Wide Awake

To The Edge

The Maze


Enjoy The Silence

Not Enough


Our Truth

The opening acts for this show were....ok & I'm being modest with that assessment...the first band was a local opener & they sounded ok but nothing they did really stood out, the 2nd on the billing were recent Roadrunner Records act, Hail The Villain and their set was ok...what I quietly laughed about though is how the bands lead singer marches & I mean, quite literally, marches throughout the bands entire set! Hail The Villains singer will march in a very Nazi army styled high leg raise as he walks around & seeing past his trendy mohawk & white belt, it's clear that these Canadian boys are playing music they love, but they come across as very uncool when you compare them to other bands out now...sound wise they were partial metal core with elements of hard rock, but they just didn't play anything that was memorable or made you go, "WOW, that band rocks!"

The Lacuna Coil stage set up was very honest, real & simple; a few stacks of amps, a drum set & the band members! There was no need for flash, no need for glitter & other than a few strobes that were used to accent certain song parts, Lacuna Coil's strength came from their performance! The bands twin guitar attack is primarily rhythm based with an occasional guitar noodle or harmonic, the drums sound great & the overall rhythm is what really gives Lacuna Coil their musical direction. I've always felt like the band had a strong Euro dance influence in parts when I hear their music & although there were a few samples here & there, it was nothing that detracted from the bands live performance!

Christina is the clear focal point for EVERYTHING Lacuna Coil & on this particular night she was selling her sex a little more than I'd seen at past Lacuna Coil shows....Christina did a few changes of clothing throughout the show; she started the show off with her hair pulled back & donning what I'd refer to as a marching band type jacket & from a distance it looked like she was sporting black pants, but she was actually wearing skin tight black leggings with a pair of black short shorts over them...when a camera with flash would go off you could see why Ms. Scabia wore the shorts over the was actually a good look for her, it was rock n roll but maintained a femme side as well. Later on in the set Christina would change her shirts & she would eventually wear a glittery dress, then end the night in a vest & her hair was down by that point.

I remember interviewing the band a few years back & from that point on, everytime I see Chris, the guitarist with the long hair & gray beard, all I think of is how much he loved the classic rock band The Eagles...I literally recall we had a conversation about how great Joe Walsh was! I actually ran into Chris when I got to the venue, he was standing outside on his cell & he was kind enough to take pics with fans who recognized him pre-show!

Tossed in for good measure was a Depeche Mode cover in the bands set, but probably the most touching moment of the night was when Christina spoke to the crowd for a few minutes & she said, "Another Musician died & that's why we'd love to dedicate this next song to Paul Gray & I want you guys to sing as loud as you can so your voice can go up & up & up & with him." & some of the crowd starting saying, "Dio", but Christina was referring to the sad news that was announced on this day; the passing of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray & Lacuna Coil dedicated "Heaven is a Lie" to Paul Gray at this show.

Lacuna Coil played shows with Slipknot & the Slipknot off-shoot Stone Sour. Christina actually had a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Slipknot guitarist Jim Root as well, so the news of Paul's passing hit home for Lacuna Coil.

I will openly say this about Lacuna Coil; the band plays a unique mix of metal music that has strains of world music, dance music, hard rock, pop, etc., but what Lacuna Coil do is they maintain their Italian flavor, their personalities are mixed in with their music; the bands sound is reflected in each individual can see what each person brings to the table & it's easy to overlook the band because they tend to do mostly opening slots on tours they play here in the USA, but when you see the band play a full on headlining set; the 6 members of Lacuna Coil bring their A-game, they rock hard & they bring a world class rock show to every stage they grace.