Oct 1, 2009

Monster Magnet - Recher Theatre

By Bob Suehs



Towson, Maryland

Monster Magnet bassist Jim Baglino was arrested after the bands September 30, 2004 show in New York...what apparently happened in his own words to me was as follows: "We had a really crazy show & there was no barricade & I swung my bass & hit a guy in the head & the next thing I knew he was being carried out & was bleeding, & after the show I was arrested & I sat in a cell for 15 hours". I'm not quite sure what happened in terms of a settlement, but I do know that the entire band was in New York & that their label reps flew from California to New York to make settlement & get this ordeal over with...the band actually did not get to the venue until like 15 minutes or so before show time...Their drummer Bob & Jim both summed it up saying that this entire tour had been really crazy & that they look forward to their last show for this leg of the tour on Oct. 2 in Virginia so they can take a brief break before the next leg of the tour starts. As far as the charges go, It's also not clear if the charges were dropped, or what charges he was arrested on.

The evening was pretty calm for the most part leading up to the show, I mean I had to make several calls to figure out the ticket situation & Monster Magnets tour manager told me that the band would not even be in town till a little before the show, due to "Legal" reasons, which I found out about shortly there after. There was a local band that opened the show who was not worth mentioning, because the sound was HORRIBLE!

Bongzilla were 2nd on the bill & are basically a VERY tuned down & guitar solo-less version of Black Sabbath....I couldn't hear ANY of the vocals due to the SUPER HEAVY distortion that constantly buzzed through there set, even when they were not playing! Their bass player was pretty amazing though!

Monster Magnet took the stage pretty fast & Dave Wyndorf came out carrying a huge bag of popcorn & my immediate thought was....what the? It ended up pretty much how I thought it would...bassist Jim B. threw the popcorn out at the crowd, nothing too shocking or revolting lol.

The band jammed through tracks like "Twin Earth" off the SuperJudge CD, & newer tracks off the Monolithic Baby CD like the title track "Monolithic" were amazing! Their twin guitar attack is excellent....Ed was telling me that he's been playing guitar for over 20 years & that he's 35 years old now, because I was blown away by his guitar playing, which makes Tony Iommi sound limp!

Dave Wyndorf was crawling on the stage, humping the platforms which the band used to elevate themselves on stage, & in all of his sweaty, Ichabod Crain-like stature, Dave Wyndorf embodies the heart & soul of Rock N Roll excess.

At one point in their set, Dave said that he wanted the crowd to experience peace & love & to all get along & then in the same breath, he said, if you don't, I'll jump out their & kick your teeth in! Dave's voice sounded great considering that he's had voice problems on this tour! 

The crowd was pretty sedate, but when "PowerTrip" & "Space Lord" were performed all hell broke loose & the crowd sang & even got a little (very little) pit action. Monster Magnet proved why, even though they've had line-up changes, canceled tours, etc., that they are a strong, vibrant rock band that mixes the best of the past & present & that Rock N Roll is still alive & well!