Apr 8, 1993

Candlebox - Interview

By Bob Suehs


A little known fact is that Rock N Roll Experience was the first publication outside of Seattle to EVER interview the band Candlebox!

I received an advance copy of the bands debut release & was so impressed with it that I set up interviews with all 4 members of the band because I wanted to break them first & I did. Here is the very first interview the band ever did outside of their home state!

First up was bassist Bardi:

Rock N Roll Experience: Where did the name Candlebox come from?

Bardi: Our singer and our guitar player were just kind hanging out and listening to a Midnight Oil CD and going through lyrics and stuff and I’m not sure exactly what the lyrics were, but it described something about the warmth of a box of candles os something like that...I think it really struck Kevin as cool so he said he’d take that and turn it into Candlebox and that’s where he got the name.

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you consider your music to be?

Bardi: That’s a really hard question. I think it’s just rock. It’s just really...I don’t know, kinda honest, it’s us basically. I’d say rock. Rock N Roll is probably the easiest way to describe it.

Rock N Roll Experience: Can you give me the brief history of the band?

Bardi: I went to high school with Kevin, we were never really close friends or anything, he had been friends with Scotti our drummer for a few years after high schoool. Scotty is a really amazing drummer, he’s very talented and I guess Kevin had been begging him to be in a band with him for a long time, so he finally gave into Kevin and they formed this band. They had gotten this guy Rick and Scott but I don’t know what Scott’s last name was, but they sorta formed this band and then Rick their guitar player decided to quit. Scotti was friends with this guy Kelly who ended up producing our record and so was Pete our guitar player...Kelly kinda hooked Pete up with them and everything worked out good, then their bass player left or got booted, something like that, and a friend of mine who was also friends with Kevin, I’d complain to him that how shitty my bands were & Kevin was complaining about how he needed a bass player so he hooked us up and I hadn’t seen Kevin since high school....we just went over and jammed and it just really came together well and they had some songs...from there we just went on to write a bunch more music. I was really just like magic.

Rock N Roll Experience: What made you want to play in a band?

Bardi: I think it was KISS, I was like six years old and I thought they were the coolest thing in the world...that’s kinda pretty much when I started music so I think KISS inspired me, that was probably around ‘75 and they were just the coolest.


Rock N Roll Experience: What’s your favorite track off the new record?

Kevin: “You”

Rock N Roll Experience: Why?

Kevin: It’s just kind of a personal song to me, just the way that it grooves and in six, I like songs in six, I like the way it sets up the groove and the tempo. Rhythm wise I think it’s really cool, it flows really nicely, it’s kinda like the way I sing it is almost like I’m pointing the finger at someone which is basically what I’m doing anyways, I just kinda like the way it grooves.

Rock N Roll Experience: What is “You” about?

Kevin: When I wrote it it was about drug abuse and the fact that people tried to push it upon me and I haven't done drugs in like six years. I just got sick of being around that shit all the time. Everywhere I’d go people were trying to get me high or something or another and it was basically like, I’m sick of it!

Rock N Roll Experience: You do most of the song writing for the band, correct?

Kevin: No, I do most of the lyrics writing, I’ve only written one of the songs on the album

Rock N Roll Experience: Which one?

Kevin: “Blossom”, I do arranging, like I’ll be playing melody and say stick it here. I don’t write lyrics and then go to the music, they play the music which stirs something in me and then I create lyrics to it, I improvise alot.

Rock N Roll Experience: What band or artist made you wanna be a singer?

Kevin: I saw The Cult play here at a theater called The Paramount on The Love Tour and I said, Man, I really really wanna do that because they were really just insane on that tour, they kinda bore me now though.

Rock N Roll Experience: How come?

Kevin: I think they’ve changed musicians too many times and now they’re trying too hard to be this really hard rock band and I liked them better as a psychedelic mood band.


Rock N Roll Experience: Do you write the bulk of the bands music?

Pete: Music wise, yeah, I do the majority of it, Kevin does the lyrics and the band helps. It would be safe to say that everyone does their part.

Rock N Roll Experience: What’s your favorite track off the record?

Pete: At the moment it’s probably “Arrow”


Rock N Roll Experience: Are you guys into rap?

Scott: Not too much, not really.

Rock N Roll Experience: Have any bigger bands given you help?

Scott: We’ve done most of it on our own. We’ve had a couple breaking gigs like we played with Sweet Water and a couple of other bands. Definitely House of Pain, they infact, Everlast requested that we open up for them & I thought that was pretty cool.

Rock N Roll Experience: What made you want to play music?

Scott: I’ve been playing drums since I was like 11 or 12 and I always thought it was pretty cool, that was my drug.

Rock N Roll Experience: Was there a particular band that influenced you to play?

Scott: Boston, that was the first album I ever owned and I started drumming.