Apr 21, 2012

Charm City Devils - Recher Theatre

By Bob Suehs


Charm City Devils

April 21, 2012

Recher Theatre

Towson, Maryland

Charm City Devils kicked off their 2012 SINS US tour on a Saturday night in Towson, Maryland and the show itself also served as the official record release party for the bands new cd “SINS” but sadly there was a tragic event that changed the mood and feel for this evening.


Four days prior to this show former Child’s Play singer Brian Jack passed away and Nick Kay & John Allen from Charm City Devils were founding members of Child’s Play so it was bitter suit to celebrate the release of the new Charm City Devils record while still celebrating the life of Brian Jack. The entire evening was dedicated to the memory of Brian Jack.


CCD had a different stage set up and the bulk of the set was all new material with a few old favorites tossed in. The touching part of the night was when original Child’s Play bassist Idzi joined the band onstage for a beautiful rendition of “Wind” by Child’s Play and that was followed by an AC/DC cover.

John summed up the evening by saying that Brian Jack wasn’t the type of man who would want people to be sad, he’d want everyone to celebrate his life and have fun....in the spirit of Brian Jack the alcohol was flowing, the crowd was moving & the band rocked hard in memory of Brian.


You could clearly see that when the surviving members of Child’s Play jammed onstage that it was a heartfelt moment for them and this was the part of the show that I guarantee NO ONE in attendance will forget because the crowd was singing along to “Wind” just as loud as John Allen was.

Odds are you won’t understand just how big Child’s Play were to the Maryland music scene unless you live here...Child’s Play were one of the most popular local bands of their time in these parts and the passing f Brian Jack was very heartbreaking news for this area.


I’ve seen Charm City Devils many times over the past few years and this was the only time I’ve ever seen Nick break 2 guitar strings on 2 different guitars and the band was on fire from start to finish with the only serious slow moment being the tribute to Brian Jack.

The new Charm City Devils material is faster, harder & a bit edgier than the songs off their first record and it really reflects on the trials & tribulations the band has gone through over the past few years.

On a side note I have to give it to Charm City Devils because they made a very smart marketing move by having one of the prettiest merch girls EVER to sell their stuff at their merch table...smart move guys!

This particular show was probably the longest I’ve ever seen the band play at nearly 90 minutes long and the band closed their set with “Let’s Rock N Roll”. This nights encore was the song “Money”.


The new material off “SINS” sounds strong and stands on it’s own....the band has evolved since record #1 and the bands current single “Man of Constant Sorrow” is tearing up the rock radio charts which is proof of the band’s longevity & ability to change as time goes on.

Set List for 4/21/12 show:

Spite, Start, Love, Burn, Devil, Hell, Best of the Worst, Wind (Child’s Play cover), Moon (AC/DC cover), I Got Mine (Black Keys cover), Man of Constant Sorrow, Let’s Rock N Roll, Encore: Money