Apr 26, 2012

New Years Day - Interview

By Bob Suehs


New Years Day is a good rock band I got turned on to recently via the bands latest EP “The Mechanical Heart” which is a 6 song adventure in dark pop/rock music. The music is heavy with staples of emo while the vocals are held down by Ms. Ashley Costello who’s voice is as interesting as her looks!

I had a chance to chat it up with Ashley from New Years Days when the band was in town on April 26, 2012 opening for Blood On The Dance Floor. Ashley is a tad shorter off stage than you’d expect, her looks, voice & persona make her larger than life and in reality she’s actually a petite girl with really cool hair & the funny part of this interview is that when we finished up Ashley asked me what shampoo I use and we both agreed that shampoo is hit or miss and that it’s all about the conditioner!

Rock N Roll Experience: I see you are wearing a leg brace...what happened to your leg?

Ashley: Rock N Roll happened to my leg, that’s what happened (laughs), I fell the 2nd day of the tour in front of 700 people and like some odd 20,000 live streaming people and I just fell, it was like nothing out of the ordinary & it’s the hazards of being in a band, you can get hit with a guitar, you can fall off monitors, it’s just part of the gig...this was just the one time I hurt myself & it’s not a big deal, I mean the only thing that sucks is I can’t perform the way I want to & I can’t party like how I’m used to but other than that it’s not that bad.

Rock N Roll Experience: How would you categorize the music of New Years Day?

Ashley: Haunted Mansion Rock. Punk Rock Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s like Emo Tim Burton and I say that very lovingly, f*ck it, I don’t care, emo is not a four letter word to me.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you a fan of hair metal?

Ashley: Some...it all depends upon what you call hair metal...that’s a very broad statement & I’m sure it’s not as broad as I think it is, but I do, yeah.


Rock N Roll Experience: Can I ask which hair metal bands you like?

Ashley: I don’t wanna butcher any...I’m gonna butcher them and I know it. I really like Dimmu Borgir.

Rock N Roll Experience: Dimmu is death metal, that’s not hair metal!

Ashley: Is it? I’m good with it all..there’s so many subdivisions like nu metal, death metal, grind metal, like whatever...I don’t know, I’m kinda like a creature of my own ways, I stick to the things I know very well & that’s never like a category of music. I like musicals and I like movie soundtracks and It’s just whatever I like.

Rock N Roll Experience: What band would you like to tour with next?

Ashley: My dream tour, like out of this world would be My Chemical Romance and The Used.

Rock N Roll Experience: See, I could see you opening for Marilyn Manson easily.

Ashley: That’s a good one...Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie too, that would be a good one for me. AFI and in a beautiful world Rammstein but I know that would never work. I get to see Rammstein when we are done with this tour because they are in my town when we get home & I am going, the tickets are already there, I’ve never seen them before and I’m so excited!

Rock N Roll Experience: When is the next full length New Years Day record coming out?

Ashley: We don’t know, I know when we are making it...you know how those things go, you say Fall and it ends up being Spring, they always take longer than you think but right when this tour is over we have already booked the house, it’s a haunted house in the middle of the Palm Springs desert and supposedly it’s haunted, but we’ll see. We are staying there to write the record and hopefully by the end of that month we have the record done but you never quite know what’s going to come out.

Rock N Roll Experience: How long does it take you to put your look together each day?

Ashley: I pick like one look for a tour & stick to that look or else wise I’d lose my f**king mind so it’s not that long. To put my look together not it’s like 30 minutes because someone literally has to dress me, especially putting these boots on & they are the only boots I have on tour, so it takes a while but it’s not that bad.

Rock N Roll Experience: Why did you get a Mickey Mouse tattoo?

Ashley: I’m addicted to Disney Land....that’s the whole conundrum of me & it makes sense to be the conundrum of my band....we are dark, we look dark, you look at us and we look like a gang of angry goth kids but we are too nice. We are very polite, we are very respectful, we are very like “Oh yes, did you take your vitamins today?” We take very good care of ourselves although we are all totally sick right now. To me though, we are kinda like Disney Land, it always kinda creeped me out but it an exciting way because I’d read all the ghost stories and like the stories where people died on the rides, the stories behind Haunted Mansion and there’s something that’s very fun and friendly and very non threatening but also very dark in ways.

Rock N Roll Experience: So New Years Day does not party hard or do drugs at all?

Ashley: No! We make fun of ourselves all the time, we would rather tuck ourselves in bed and watch a movie than party. We don’t party. I mean every now and then but it’s few and far in between