May 17, 2012

Buckcherry / Foxy Shazam - Powerplant

By Bob Suehs


May 17, 2012

Power Plant Live

Baltimore, Maryland

The Annual Preakness race is a big deal in the state of Maryland and during the week of Preakness the state has a traditional week long celebration to get everyone hyped for the big race.

On the Thursday before Preakness 98 Rock always sponsors a free multi band national rock show and this year the 2 featured acts were Foxy Shazam & Buckcherry.

Foxy Shazam took the stage at Power Plant Live just after 9 PM and their short set was like rock n roll musical theater with their lead singer doing his best Freddie Mercury act. The band was an interesting throwback to 70’s glam rock and what I will say is that the band was entertaining on this night but I felt like they were a little better when I saw them a year prior opening for Hole at the 9:30 Club.

There was a band that played after Foxy Shazam which I chose to not mention because their set was generic and typical radio rock....the only memorable moment in the 2nd bands set was when they covered a Neil Young song.

Buckcherry were the nights main attraction and they brought their brand of rock n roll to Baltimore with a fever and a fury via main man Josh Todd’s gutsy vocals, spastic dancing & the twin guitar attack that led the band in their battle march to conquer the Baltimore crowd.

Buckcherry have a new record coming out soon and they debuted 2 new songs at this show. One new song was forgettable but the other new song that they said was their new single actually sounded pretty catchy and I liked it alot!

“Lawless & Lu Lu” was dedicated to Donna Summer and it was my personal favorite of the night because the song captures the essence of The Rolling Stones with a really great hook & swagger that’s raunchy & lean.

I was actually surprised the show went till midnight because this was an outdoor show and usually they make outdoor shows stop at 11 PM in MD.

Set wise Buckcherry mixed it up a bit & did a 2 song encore after “Crazy Bitch” and that was clearly the song that made the entire crowd erupt! What’s interesting about Buckcherry is that every other song in their set was a single for the most part and when you see the band play you realize how many great songs they have. “Sorry” is a tender love ballad while “Next 2 You” is a song about wanting a girl & Josh said “Lit Up” was a song that he wrote about the first time he tried cocaine.

There’s always a 50/50 split when it comes to Buckcherry....people either love the band or hate the band and when it comes down to it I’ve always enjoyed Buckcherry because they capture the essence of the old school LA Hard Rock scene while also mixing in current styles to create their own niche in the music world. It’s a no brainer that the style of music Buckcherry play is not what’s trendy and that’s actually a cool thing because Buckcherry are keeping rock n roll alive and the fact that they can always pack venues with bodies is proof that people still love rock n roll!