May 22, 2012

Garbage - "Not Your Kind of People"

By Bob Suehs


Not Your Kind of People

Track Listing: Automatic Systematic Habit, Big Bright World, Blood For Poppies, Control, Not Your Kind of People, Felt, I Hate Love, Sugar, Battle In Me, Man on a Wire, Beloved Freak, The One, What Girls Are Made of, Bright Tonight, Show Me


Being a professional writer is not as glamourous as you’d think....the perks are simple things like always obtaining free music, free entry into concerts & clubs and access to celebs for interviews....hell, who am I kidding, it’s a fun job if you can pull it off! You can never forget where you come from though and when there’s a band you truly like it’s important to support them and do something that most reviewers rarely do...pull out your wallet & BUY their product!

When the new Garbage record entitled “Not Your Kind of People” hit shelves on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 you better believe I hit up my local Best Buy to purchase the expanded version of the CD and it was worth every penny because every facet of the record: The artwork, the music, the was 100% what I expected & what I wanted from Garbage!

The “red” version is the expanded version & the “white” version is the standard version. I’d highly advise you to purchase the “red” version because the bonus tracks are worth a listen and in reality they should have been included as part of EVERY pressing of this record because they are that good!

The packaging is a tri-fold cardboard sleeve which really reminds me of an old school vinyl record. The 3 inside panels have a trippy floral pattern which matches the outfit Shirley is wearing on the back cover of the record & the accompanying cd booklet has a cool assortment of odd pictures & art which plays into the theme of the record quite well.

What I get from the artwork for this record is an interesting mix of death & birth because some pics remind me of a funeral and the boys in the band are dressed in all black suites while Shirley is wearing an outfit with flowers all over it which represents the sympathy flowers & the music is a rebirth of Garbage on every level because not only did the band take an extended break BUT each member went through their own personal issues which made the 4 members of Garbage stronger both separately & collectively....that’s what I get from the art.

The record starts off strong with “Automatic Systematic Habit” which is a song about a lying/cheating lover. Musically this song is groomed with pop roots but has a heavy tone to it & that’s why I find it to be the perfect opener for this record!

“Big Bright World” is a pop song with a dark edge and it takes about a minute before the song kicks in with full force and when you hear this one it’s clear that Garbage are back and better than ever!

The beauty of this record is the fact that the band really did pick up where they left off because this record mixes elements of “Version 2.0” with “Bleed Like Me” yet it’s totally different than both records and when you hear this record it’s obviously Garbage, they didn’t try to come back TOTALLY different than what they were. The sparks of creativity are still there and the band still sounds great... they still write amazing songs & I will personally say Garbage deserves the “Best Comeback of 2012” honor!

“Blood For Poppies” is the lead single and it’s not totally representational of this record because that song is a pure pop single that’s not as deep as the rest of the record and it took me a few listens before I truly loved “Blood for Poppies” whereas a song like “Control” hooked me instantly because it has a slight “When the Levee Breaks” vibe & sound to it ala Led Zeppelin!

The title track off this record is pure Garbage because it’s a really dark, slow song that’s elegant yet melancholy and that IS the side of Garbage that’s always captivated me!

“Felt” has a distinctly 90’s sound & vibe to it and they dumb down Shirley’s vocals just a bit which adds some depth to the song.

“Sugar” & “I Hate Love” are perfectly mellow songs that are side by side on the record while “Battle In Me” & “Man on A Wire” are 2 edgier rock tracks that the band added to their live set instantly when they began touring for this record. “Battle in Me” has a great chorus & the drums really sound powerful on this track.

“The One” has a post apocalyptic modern rock feel and if they ever perform this one live I just know it’ll be crushing, fast & heavy because the studio version rocks!

The bonus tracks on this version of the record are all equally good & I like “What Girls Are Made of” because the guitar parts have a James Bond sound to them in pieces while “Bright Tonight” starts off a tad similar to “Bleed Like Me” but ends up sounding like a modern song that’s Duran Duran meets The Cure.

The record closes on “Show Me” which is an epic 5 minute track that closes the record out with power & passion that only Shirley and the boys can administer!

I’ll give it to Garbage, they took an extended break from making music as a collective and they did their own thing individually, then when you thought they were done they were able to put the band back together & created one of the best releases of 2012!