Jun 8, 2012

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo - Recher

By Bob Suehs



June 8, 2012


Baltimore, MD

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo ties loose sounds together and I’d describe then as a psychedelic Helmet with a sound that layers echoes, vibes & various pitches over top of hard hitting rhythm, screaming & intense drums.

I realize this is probably an introduction of the band to many people so I’ll start from the beginning & say that the band is comprised of:

Brandon Carr - guitars, vocals; Scott Certa - bass; Stephen Carr - drums, samples, vocals; Jeffrey Zampillo - guitar.


Exotic Animal Petting Zoo formed in 2004 and are Indiana based. EAPZ released their debut record “I Have Made My Bed In Darkness” in 2008 and the follow up “Tree Of Tongues” will be released in late 2012.

This was my first taste of the bands live show & the best word I can use to describe what the band does onstage is the word “Obtuse” because the core sound of the band is hard rock/hardcore but there’s so many layers to what the band does that it’s hard to pigeonhole their sound with just one style.

The atmospheric elements are there, the various pedals that adorn both guitar players guitar rigs add life to what the band does onstage with their music and the only constant adrenaline rush in each song is the drum beats which Stephen plays with non stop aggression.


Stephen & Brandon take turns singing/screaming throughout the night & my personal piece of advice for the band is that they should never play a show with direct light on them and the reason why is simple: The music they create would look cooler in the thick of darkness with minimal light than it does in direct light. The music EAPZ create is best seen in a visual way with trippy lights & you might get more out of seeing a large lava lamp move about then you would seeing the band play live onstage & that’s simply because their music is not traditional rock where you need to watch the players play in order to understand the band...EAPZ’s music is heavy music which will take you on a trip!

Jeffrey’s guitar pedal board caught my eye because it had a large Jack Nicholson “Shining” sticker on it & Jeffrey played the entire set barefoot. Style wise the members of the band were average dudes who wanted to create an exotic soundscape of art, noise & hard rock and I’ll give the band credit because they did just that.

This was the last night of the bands tour & I was very pleased with what I saw and heard....the band delivered a very trippy, sonic soundscape.