Jun 14, 2012

Lindsey Buckingham - Soundstage

By Bob Suehs


June 14, 2012


Baltimore, MD

Walking into this show I primarily knew a hand full of the Fleetwood Mac catalog and I knew none of Lindsey’s solo material...I left the show shocked at just how talented Lindsey Buckingham is because what I saw this night was a one man show. It was simply Mr. Buckingham and his guitar(s) on that stage and the man can play anything that ranges from hard rock to folk music!

Lindsey’s gear was quite shocking for this being a primarily unplugged show because he had numerous acoustic amps stacked behind him and he had easily 10 different acoustics setting behind him onstage. He carried an arena rock amount of gear for what was primarily an intimate club show.

There were 2 songs in particular this night that were hard rock songs & these were the only 2 that Lindsey used backing tracks to play along with. The rhythms & leads he played clearly had distortion & his guitar solo’s on these 2 songs reminded me alot of Pink Floyd because he put so much emotion into his playing that he received standing ovations from the crowd.

The show was a seated event with tables & chairs filling the sold out room...this concert reminded me alot of dinner theater and when Lindsey took the stage just after 9 PM a random guy yelled to Lindsey, “Take your shirt off” which made everyone who heard the comment chuckle and that included Lindsey!

Lindsey made numerous comments about the differences between playing big shows with Fleetwood Mac as opposed to playing the smaller solo shows & he seemed to really get off on the small solo performance which showed his true love for music and his fans. I was definitely impressed with Lindsey’s finger picking because the man truly is a guitar God in the sense that he’s an absolute master at what he does and he’s up there play wise with Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck!

Lindsey made me laugh when he announced the last song of the night because the crowd started to boo & he commented, “How quickly you guys turn!” and the show ended a little after 10 PM. Probably the highlight of the night was the Fleetwood Mac covers which 100% of the crowd knew!