Jun 21, 2012

Kyng, The Sword, Red Fang - Sonar

By Bob Suehs


June 21, 2012


Baltimore, MD

This was a hard rock show BUT I’d describe the smell as Funky!

It’s a shame I can’t offer up the heat & smells from this show because the show started out ok but progressively things became hotter & stinkier as the night went on. Kyng’s set started just around 9PM and the band set up their own gear, tuned their own guitars & checked their own stuff just prior to starting their set.

Kyng played a very tight & rather sweaty 27 minute set that had no filler and rocked hard from beginning till end. This would be the only part of the show that I managed to get up close for.

Kyng lead singer/guitarist Eddie V. started the show totally dry & by the time the Kyng set ended he was totally drenched from sweat. It was interesting to see the crowd just wiping away the sweat in order to maintain their close front spaces for the show...I won’t even lie about it, the sweat was dripping off EVERYONE & by the time Kyng’s set was over you could start to see the concrete floor of the venue looking wet.

“I Don’t Believe” & “Falling Down” were played back to back towards the end of Kyng’s set & “Shoreline” was the nights closer which rocked hard!

In my personal opinion Kyng was the best band of the night because their 3 piece sound was clear, clean & they didn’t have extra noise onstage via a 2nd guitarist...Apples & Oranges I know, but I think Kyng sounded better because of it!

Red Fang were 2nd on the bill and they actually had a massive crowd draw which surprised me because they were not the nights headliner!

During Red Fang’s set was when things got miserable inside the club because this was when the place became jam packed and super hot! The last time I’d seen Red Fang was in Virginia at a festival tour and the bands bass player was sick so the band played the show sans bass and sounded fine regardless.

Red Fang had a pit going throughout most of their set & the venue became far too crowded at this point in the show because what you ended up with was a decent sized amount of people standing in the doorway because they could not fit into the club, not to mention it was just too hot inside the club to stand the heat!

I chose the middle of Red Fang’s set to go outside & get a breath of fresh air because inside the venue it was simply too sticky & stinky and when I finally came back inside to catch the rest of Red Fang’s set I realized just how stinky it truly was in that place!

Walking outside for a few minutes & then coming back into the venue made you smell the sourness of the club: Sweat, funk, stink, etc., were the flavor of the hour at this point and trust me, NO ONE looked cool inside that club while dealing with the extreme heat!

The Sword was the nights headliner and it was quite interesting to see the bands guitar tech asking the crowd to “Please keep all moshing to a minimum so no one gets hurt.”

The Sword are a stoner rock band so I didn’t really think the most pit would be that vicious. There was pit action throughout most of their set but a small portion of the crowd had left after Red Fang’s set so there was a tad more room in the sweat hole room than there was prior.

The Sword had great guitar tone.. it was loud as hell in there & sadly I saw quite a few people leaving midway through the set because they were feeling sick from the heat. I was quite impressed that ALL bands on the bill played complete sets despite the heat & it’s also interesting to note that ALL bands on this bill were heading to the Orion Music festival to play the Metallica based music fest which was taking place in New Jersey.