Jul 1, 2012

Joan Jett - Dundalk Heritage Fest

By Bob Suehs



June 30, 2012

Dundalk Heritage Fest

Baltimore, MD

Allow me to explain the setting before I get into the concert review:

The concert stage was mid sized; it was not huge but on the same token it wasn’t the smallest stage I’ve ever seen. The messed up thing was that you had the entire concert area covered with lawn chairs & blankets. This was a rock show and you had fans there who wanted to stand up, stand directly infront of the stage & treat the concert as if it were a REAL rock show. What ended up happening was the hand full o’ people who stood up front to get the best spot directly infront of the show were forced to move because the organizers wanted the lawn chairs & blankets in the pit area as opposed to the general admission/standing room only crowd.

What ended up happening throughout the show was that people would stand up to show they were having a good time & to move to the music and fat, toothless bitches would scream,

“Sit Down!”

“We’ve been sitting here for 2 hours & you’re blocking our view!”


My honest opinion is that if you go to a rock concert you should expect to stand up if you are close to the stage....it’s obnoxious to expect people to sit down at a rock concert simply because you can’t see. Rock concerts are all about standing up and if you wanna sit down you need to either go all the way to the back OR stay home because most people who wanna get close stand up & go up front when it’s a band they like...that’s how rock shows are!

The general crowd at this show was pure white trash! I’m sorry.... I can’t lie, it was the trashiest crowd I’ve ever seen at a rock show & not everyone there was obnoxious BUT there were so many rude, nasty hillbillies at this show that I will state for the record that I’ll never attend the Dundalk Heritage Festival ever again.


Joan Jett took the stage at 8 PM sharp opening with a brand new song called “TMI” & it was cool to see Joan opening with a brand new song which was typical JJ & the Blackhearts material...simple 3 chord rock n roll played loud & aggressive.

Joan was decked out in a one piece unitard that was in the style of Ziggy Stardust and new bass player (former Dope/Murderdolls member) Acey Slade is a good addition to the Blackhearts.... he brought the New York sleaze rock style & attitude to the stage. ”Cherry Bomb” was the 2nd song in the set & that was when things kicked into high gear because it was the first familiar song of the night & I’ll explain the crowd after the show started like this:

You had some people who were standing up, bobbing their heads, rocking out & enjoying the show while others sat on their fat asses, were upset that people were standing & they really should have stayed home because they were clearly not enjoying the show.

“Do You Wanna Touch Me” had an extended beginning which lent for some audience participation and Joan gave a speech about The Runaways before playing “You Drive Me Wild”.

Joan asked the crowd what the score was for the Orioles game & she told several Maryland oriented stories throughout the night which was all centered around the fact that she used to live in Rockville, MD.

Towards the middle of the set Joan did 3 back to back new songs & that included “Reality Mentality” & “Hard to Grow Up”.

The last 3 songs of the first set were clearly the highlights of the show:


“I Love Rock N Roll”, “Crimson & Clover” & “I Hate Myself For Loving You” closed the first set & then the 3 song encore included “Little Liar” & “AC/DC” but I’m really surprised “I Love Rock N Roll” was not the last song of the night because that’s the one that received the biggest audience approval.

Overall the show was good, Joan & co. rocked hard but the crowd was what made the show a little un-cool & not so fun simply because a rock show is meant for a rock crowd and the crowd at this show was NOT a rock crowd!

On a side note it was slightly comical that Joan Jett LITERALLY had a trailer for a dressing room because odds are ALOT o’ the crowd probably lived in trailers!

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