Jul 3, 2012

D Generation - Johnny Brenda's

By Bob Suehs



July 3, 2012

Johnny Brenda's

Philadelphia, PA

Jesse Malin, Howie Pyro, Richard Bacchus, Danny Sage and Michael Wildwood; The wait is over, the hiatus has ended - D Generation are back and giving rock n roll a much needed shot of adrenaline!

On this particular night Jesse made a statement midway through the set that the band had been writing new material for a new D Generation record & they treated us to a brand new song which was a fast paced rock n roll anthem that blended punk rock energy with hard rock aggression; it’s the typical sound that D Generation fans love and what’s really missing from the current rock scene at this point. I’ll admit I was very pleased to hear Jesse tell the crowd that the band is still a “band” and the recent reunion shows were not just cash grabs which many bands do when times get hard.


The venue itself was a tiny room which had 2 levels yet both levels were the equivalence of a living room because the concert area for this club was very intimate. Behind the stage were strings of beads which added a 70’s styled vibe and throughout D Generations set various band members would get tangled in the beads or knock into them randomly. There was a large disco ball in the center of the room and with the room being so small the shimmering squares of light that shined off the disco ball made the entire room look really cool & trippy with the back lighting usually red or blue; the club had a really cool set up & the sound was great too!

The Cherub figure that hung high on the back wall was a focal point that almost everyone noticed & seemed fixated on because it was such a random fixture for a rock club.



By the time D Generation took the stage the venue was packed and the band used “Be My Baby” by the Shangri-la’s as their intro.

Jesse and the boys took the stage as if no time had passed since the band split. With all the same fire, passion & fury they had in their prime D Gen. ripped through most of their “No Lunch” record while touching on material from their first record & even a brand new song!

Jesse took the stage wearing a tie, vest, jacket and was dressed classy until the 3rd song of the set..by that time he had slowly ripped off layers of clothing till he was shirtless. The venue’s temperature rose with every song and by the middle of the set it was pretty damn hot in there!

“Vampire Nation” was a deep cut that sounded amazing but for me I think “Too Loose” was the song that made my jaw drop because it’s always been one of my favorite song by the band yet I’d never seen them play it live and the band poured their hearts into it this night!

“No Way Out” is a song that’s been re-recorded throughout the bands career and when they played it this night it sent chills up my spine because the song still had that same feeling, that vibe, that energy and it rocked so hard that it makes you realize just how bland music has gotten the past few years! That’s why I’m happy to see D Generation reactivated because it will mix things up a bit in the mainstream if the band gets a proper push this go round.



Towards the end of the show Jesse jumped offstage & stood on the bar while asking the bartender for a shot of Tequila. He then joked that singing on the bar was always good for a free drink! “Capital Offender” & “She Stands There” sounded as fresh in 2012 as they did back when the band released them on “No Lunch” back in 1996. The 2 songs that received the greatest amount of crowd reaction were clearly “Scorch” & the nights closer “Dgenerated” which were both short, fast, and to the point rock songs that gave the crowd what they came to see....D Generation killing it onstage!


I’ll tell you, this show was flawless, the band sounded amazing, they got along great onstage, they still looked cool, they played with passion and to their credit they are not one of those bands that reunited only to drag down their legacy because D Gen. are just as good today as they were back in the day!

I have to thank my partner in crime Michelle for making this night fun and if D Generation plays your area PLEASE do yourself a favor & go see them!

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