Jul 6, 2012

Acey Slade Interview

By Bob Suehs


Acey Slade is all things rock n roll and through his career he’s been a part of many great rock bands (Dope, Murderdolls, Joan Jett, Amen) as well as fronting his own acts (Trashlight Vision & The Dark Party).

Acey is currently on the road but took the time to answer a few questions for Rock N Roll Experience.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is Trashlight Vision officially done & over or is there a chance the band might come back?

Acey Slade: I always like to give myself room to backpedal, but I don't see it happening. We got together last year as a benefit for Jonny Chops, our drummer who suffered a brain tumor. But that wasn't so much a 'reunion' as it was a way to help our friend out.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is there any left over material from Trashlight Vision that didn’t get released?

Acey Slade: Oh there is a whole album of stuff. My only disappointment with that band was not doing a proper 2nd album. Truth is, we toured the world and did everything we did on our own. Very, very little help from anyone else and I'm very proud of that.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is The Dark Party your American answer to J-Pop?

Acey Slade: Ha! Thanks for that, I take it as a compliment. Maybe on the last album, but the new stuff is different from the first album. I always maintained that I wanted The Dark Party to kinda be like that. Each album to be different.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you leave Dope on good terms?

Acey Slade: I did not. Not at the time. But it's cool now. I would play with Dope again in a second.


Rock N Roll Experience: Were you bummed that you were not asked to participate in the Murderdolls reunion?

Acey Slade: Yes I'm bummed I wasn't asked, and I still am. But, at the same time . Had I been asked, I would have said yes and that REALLY would have been a bad decision on my part. My life would be a lot different then the way it is now. In the time that the 'dolls reformed and disbanded (again!), I put myself though school, took the Dark Party to Europe and been around the world with the Blackhearts. So, that would have really been a bad decision to say yes, ha,ha..

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you still keep in touch with:

Wednesday 13: Nope.

Joey Jordison: Nope.

Edsel Dope: Talked to him yesterday!

Tripp Eisen:Nope and don't plan to.

Eric Griffin:Yea, him and Ben are in a great band called Davey Suicide you have to check out!

Rock N Roll Experience: How did you get the job as bass player for Joan Jett?

Acey Slade: Funny..it had nothing to do with my resume. I was friends with Thommy Price's wife Seffuny. She kinda just told me I was doing it..she didn't even ask me, ha,ha..

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you prefer playing bass or guitar?

Acey Slade: It's two different things. With bass, it takes a lot of reserve and you need to allow the guitarist and vocalist to have a foundation. It's defiantly a 'back field' instrument. You have to find the groove and the zone and the song knows if your not in the right head space, ya know? And when it's done right it's very rewarding. But with Guitar, you get space to be more reckless. I mean, I'm not a great lead player anyway, my strength has always been more in my right hand. In my rhythm.


Rock N Roll Experience: Being a KISS dork I have to ask, which member of KISS is your favorite?

Acey Slade: Ace and Gene obviously..ha,ha..

Rock N Roll Experience: What is your favorite KISS record/song?

Acey Slade: Wow...most of the Ace solo album for sure. Love Gun, Black Diamond, King of the Nighttime World,

Rock N Roll Experience: Were you bummed that the DOPE record “Life” didn’t do better chart wise?

Acey Slade: Yea, but it wasn't anything personal ya know? I mean, NOBODY did well right after 9/11. Everything was in a slump. When you look at how many bands we toured with back then that are long forgotten, I mean-hat's off to Edsel for making it happen. Not only is he still working with Dope, but the band has prospered!

Rock N Roll Experience: You’ve mentioned your sobriety before but can I ask what you were addicted to & how you beat the addiction?

Acey Slade: Booze was my gateway to everything else. I wouldn't shoot heroin if I was tone sober, ya know? And I didn't beat it, it beat me! And I just surrendered,ha,ha..I don't always talk about it because nobody likes someone on a soap box and the truth is, some of my best times WERE when I was at the beginning stages of using. I wouldn't trade those good times for anything..but then there were less and less good times...

Rock N Roll Experience: I saw the Dark Party/Combichrist tour & have to ask, why did you throw glitter from a Jack bottle onto the crowd?

Acey Slade: Ever get glitter on you? It's impossible to get rid of! So, my hope is that 2 weeks later people are still finding glitter in their crevices and will be forced to remember our show, ha,ha..

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you like the current version of KISS with Tommy Thayer & Eric Singer?

Acey Slade: I'm sure they are nice guys and play well...

Rock N Roll Experience: There’s a line in a Trashlight Vision song that’s always intrigued me...you sing, “Things always work out for me” & I always wondered, is that statement true?

Acey Slade: See the answer to question 5 and you tell me, ha,ha...

Rock N Roll Experience: Did anyone from The Cult ever hear Dark Party’s cover of “Sanctuary”?

Acey Slade: Good question..I have no idea.


Rock N Roll Experience: When is the live Dark Party EP coming out?

Acey Slade: Well we released the box set that had the live album in it a few moths ago. It's fuckin' awesome! As always, it's great packaging and total value. I always try to keep peoples money in mind when putting out a product. Ya know? If it cost 15-20.00 that's an hour of wages..someone worked an hour to buy that and it's important to me. Check it out..very cool.. http://www.000trashpit.bigcartel.com/product/inside-the-reptile-house-live-from-nyc

Rock N Roll Experience: Would you work with Wednesday 13 again?

Acey Slade: I don't know. Probably not. You never know...Not because of any bad feelings, but my life is pretty awesome right now between the Dark Party, The Blackhearts and cutting hair. I have it made!

Rock N Roll Experience: How was the Brides of Destruction tour?

Acey Slade: It was really, really weird. The whole band was basically planing a mutiny that would take place at the end of the Japanese tour. Me-I wasn't planing on joining the band, so I was just along for the fun. I had a great time. Almost became the 2nd guitarist for BOD, but...that never happened.

Rock N Roll Experience: Was it surreal to see Nikki Sixx & Tracii Guns every night on that BOD tour?

Acey Slade: Oh Lord..so first date of the tour, for me was Springfield VA. I NEVER played with the band EVER before. Me and Pig were going over the songs in the dressing room right up till we went on stage. On stage-that was my first time playing the songs with the band. And I look over and Tracii and Nikki are watching...talk about pressure!

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you ever get hurt while onstage from the craziness of Amen?

Acey Slade: Casey bit my cock really hard on stage the 2nd to the last show. Though my jeans, I didn't have my franks and beans OUT. As soon as we hit the last note, I RAN to the dressing room to make sure everything was ok. Then I peed. And that was OK as well, so..I wasn't too worried.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is there’s anything else you’d like to add?

Acey Slade: http://www.000trashpit.bigcartel.com/product/inside-the-reptile-house-live-from-nyc

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