Jul 10, 2012

10 Years, Kyng, Fair to Midland - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


July 10, 2012

Ram’s Head Live

Baltimore, MD

I’ll give it to whoever put this tour package together because the 3 bands on the billing define totally different genres of rock that somehow mesh quite well when you put these 3 bands/styles together!


Kyng opened the show with a set that consisted of a few surprises: Ryan “Tater” Johnson from 10 Years jamming with Kyng onstage. Kyng lead singer/guitarist Eddie V. told me after the bands set that this was the first time Tater had joined Kyng onstage during this tour and Initially Tater suggested they jam on a cover song but Eddie preferred jamming on a Kyng song so the crowd this night got a very special treat when Tater jammed with Kyng!

The 2nd surprise during Kyng’s set was a brand new song that has yet to be released entitled “Used as a Fool” & Eddie detailed how the song was so new that it had only been played maybe 4 times live thus far & the song was hard as nails with a very hardcore tone to it yet the breakdown had melody & there was even a guitar solo that ventured into new territory for Kyngs music because the solo had a semi classical feel to it!

The interesting thing about Kyng is they pull off an amazing rock show no matter how large or small the stage might be because the 3 members of Kyng are solid players and their music is rooted in old school hard rock & heavy metal with touches of modern influence. The hidden gem to Kyng’s sound is the way Tony & Eddie’s vocals work so well together when the 2 sing harmony onstage.


Kyng slayed the crowd and it was interesting to see Texas based Fair To Midland take the stage after Kyng because Darroh Sudderth is the spastic dancing front man of the band who’s onstage dancing looks almost like a man having a seizure due in part to the never too in time body flailing the man does throughout the FTM set. The counter balance between his dancing and singing is unique because the man has golden pipes which produce soft, amazing, beautiful vocals one moment and angry, harsh aggro tones the next while his dancing is just full-on craziness!

Fair To Midland’s set was just around an hour and they played a style of music that was almost hard to categorize at times because much like Darroh’s dancing the music was all over the place. I remember seeing Fair To Midland many years prior at the same club and this was before their 1st record had been released....it’s interesting that the band were able to stay together for all these years and really find their true sound & who they are as musicians.

The most original and unique band of the night was definitely FTM who played a set like no other band on this bill.

10 Years were the nights headliner and they are another band I’ve been fortunate enough to watch grow throughout the years because it took them a few years to really figure out who they are and what their strengths are. At this point 10 Years are a vibrant rock band and their onstage chemistry amongst the band members clearly shows how much fun they have when they play together.

“Beautiful” was the moodiest song of the evening & it’s the one that I personally thought was the most touching because it was such a dark, bleak moment where the crowd sang every word with singer Jesse Hasek.

”Wasteland” was performed acoustic this night & the stage set up was interesting because it was actually minimal yet looked “Big” because the banners & lights gave their stage that “Big Rock Show” feel and if you looked closely you could see the Monster Energy Drink logo on the backdrop!

The best part about this tour was that all the bands got along great and they all hung out, respected each other & were happy to be on the road with each other...there were no big egos, attitudes or “rock star” crap that often times happens with some multi band tours. I had a great time at this show and for the fan who can appreciate several different styles of rock music in one evening this is a tour you will love because the bands are definitely varied on this billing!

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