Jul 14, 2012

Fall From Grace Interview

By Bob Suehs


An Interview with Tryg - FALL FROM GRACE

Seattle based rock band Fall From Grace are an up and coming rock act that won a million dollar record contract in some big time contest and when they made their way through Baltimore I decided to have a chat with the bands singer Tryg to see what all the hype was about.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is Tryg your real name?

Tryg: Yes. My Dad hired a contractor to remodel his house in 1975 and I was born in ‘76 and they named me after him. My middle name is Sebastian and that was named after John Sebastian the folk singer

Rock N Roll Experience: Not after Sebastian Bach? (laughs)

Tryg: No no, it was much before that guy (laughs) although I love that band (Skid Row)

Rock N Roll Experience: What does the name Fall From Grace mean?

Tryg: I originally named the band that because it was something that was kinda of already known where people would hear it & think “Well I’ve heard of the band!” but it became a kinda saying in the way of life especially for us because anybody that has ever been in a band or has tried to be in a professional band...you sacrifice alot, you have to miss alot of things like births, weddings, or important things in your life and even relationships & marriages and alot of things happen before that so what it became was a slogan for that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and whenever anything happens it’s how you rise above it & pull up your boot staps


Rock N Roll Experience: So it’s a positive thing.

Tryg: Oh yeah, absolutely

Rock N Roll Experience: So are you a millionaire after winning the million dollar record contract contest?

Tryg: Oh yeah, absolutely...every day, my apartment is rich mahogony...no! It’s horrible!

Rock N Roll Experience: How did you guys win that contest?

Tryg: I like to blame Jack Daniel's but no, honestly we joined the contest as a joke and didn’t realize what it was as we did it & as we saw that it started to grow because before the TV show there were 3 rounds back home & when we were doing it we started to see it evolve into the TV show & we just played our hearts out, we had our friends come out & support us & we did it and enjoyed it...we are hams, all of us, so we just drank alot, had alot of fun, played some music & honestly it was luck...I mean accept for the final moment, that was definitely our fans when they all texted in.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you do any covers in your set?

Tryg: Nope...but we have covered The Ramones “Pet Cemetery” & Skid Row’s “!8 & Life” but we don’t perform them live.

Rock N Roll Experience: Describe your live show for anyone who hasn’t see Fall From Grace.

Tryg: We are high energy, we are born from the late 90’s pop punk high energy kinda show & we definitely encapsulate alot of rock n roll and newer Green Day, Motley Crue kinda....


Rock N Roll Experience: How do you mix Green Day with Motley Crue?

Tryg: Well, our music is very epic & anthematic and I sound like Vince Neil & our guitarist f**king shreds so it kinda works out.

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you jammed with Saving Abel onstage yet?

Tryg: Yeah, I sing with them every night on “New Tattoo” & we all hang out, we are all really good friends...they are really good dudes.

Rock N Roll Experience: What’s next after this tour for Fall From Grace?

Tryg: We are going to go home & start working on a new record. We are going to take a little bit of time & relax because we’ve been on the road for 3 months & we are a little tired & all sick of each other so we are going to take a week off & then start to work on the new record.

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