Aug 7, 2012

Evanescence & Chevelle - Pier Six

By Bob Suehs


Featuring: Evanescence & Chevelle

August 7, 2012

Pier Six

Baltimore, MD

Evanescence Set List:  What You Want, Going Under, The Other Side, Weight of the World, Lithium, My Heart Is Broken, Whisper, The Change, Never Go Back, Made of Stone, You Star, Lost In Paradise, Sober, Imaginary, Bring Me Back To Life, Disappear, My Immortal

New Medicine were initially slated to open this show at 5:20 PM but they ended up canceling their set due to the bands singer having a medical procedure that left him unable to perform so Cavo kicked off the show a little after 6 PM with Halestorm following directly behind them at 6:30-ish but I didn’t get to the show until Chevelle had started their set and the interesting thing about the Chevelle set was that they started in day light & finished in the dark. While it was still day light outside I will quote Michelle and say it was hot as balls out but as the night creeped in the temperature mellowed a bit and the night was actually chill and calm on the waterfront of Baltimore’s Chesapeake Bay which is what you see directly behind the venue!

Chevelle is a band that I’d love to say I can’t stand simply because their music is so simple BUT at this point in the bands career they have written enough active rock hits that they can easily play an hour long set and pull out hit after hit that the crowd will know & sing along to with ease.

The giant bull onstage reminded me of an old school Colt 45 ad & the giant balls which hung below the bull were hard to miss!

Chevelle sounded great, they gave the crowd a big rock show and it’s interesting how the bass & drums pretty much hold EVERY song together...I don’t necessary believe guitar is required in this band because each song is more about the vocals & rhythm than the overall guitar playing.

The odd thing about Chevelle this night is that they came out wearing long sleeved shirts and I have no idea how they stood the August heat while wearing sweaters & flannel!

Chevelle really do bridge the gap between Grunge & hard rock quite well and they did a great job of warming the crowd up for Evanescence.

This was the first time I’d ever seen Evanescence so I had no major expectations either way, I was more curious to see what their live show was like and after a few songs I’d say that the Evanescence live show is pop music done in a hard rock style.

When Amy took the stage my buddy next to me blurted in my ear, “Oh my God, Amy is short & fat!” and that’s a very blunt observation which is true because in pics Amy looks tall & thin but in person she’s a bit different than what you might expect. Amy’s voice is great live, she sings good and she sums up the mall goth look very well. I enjoyed the live show Evanescence put on because the backing band did a great job of re-creating the songs they recorded in the studio and the only song missing from the set was “Broken” which is technically a Seether song!

Amy hit all the right notes vocally but she came off a little stiff onstage at times and what I mean is she did not always seem at ease with her stage presence and how she interacted with the crowd.

Amy’s arms & chest were covered in stripper glitter and she commented that the skirt she wore on this night was making it’s debut because she had just finished making it.

I had no idea Amy played piano till this show & on this night she played piano several times. She variated between playing the smaller keyboard rig on the right side of the stage and then roadies would roll out a mini baby grand which reminded me of when Motley Crue plays “Home Sweet Home” and they roll out Tommy’s piano.

“Sober” was my personal favorite of the night and I’ll admit that I went into this show not really a huge fan of Evanescence but I definitely left the show impressed with the band & pleased at Amy’s vocal performance & the bands chemistry onstage.

Towards the end of the night Amy commented that it was great having Halestorm on the same bill because it was great to play with another lovely lady all Summer.

I was surprised they didn’t close with “Bring Me To Life” because that song brought the crowd to their feet...instead they closed with an encore that was actually rather mellow but still rocked.

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