Aug 9, 2012

Agent Orange / The Queers - Recher Theatre

By Bob Suehs


August 9, 2012

Recher Theatre

Towson, MD

There were several bands on the bill this night but the first one we caught was an interesting band called Flat Tire. The name of the band is kinda weird because it has no “flash”, it sounds like the most random thing ever to call a band but when you see the 4 members of the band I suppose the name fits because each guy looks like the bastard child of Larry the Cable Guy complete with ripped Flannel shirts & Trucker caps.

Musically the band played hard rock mixed with punk but the thing that impressed me the most about them was their guitar players clean style. Many times in the punk genre the guitarists are sloppy & skip solos...NOT with Flat Tires though because their guitarist tossed in solid solo’s that you don’t often hear in punk music & his playing was very clean. The bands set was ok, I think their singer’s gritty tone comes from using his throat too much & hopefully he’s careful because he’ll lose his voice singing like that for too long.

The Queers were next and the 3 piece band conjured up the energy of The Ramones mixed with Greenday. The band played a solid set that rocked hard. If you listened to the lyrics you probably laughed too because some of their topics & random lyrics were pretty funny!

Agent Orange were the nights headliner and they truly impressed me with their style, their musicianship and Mike Palm is a really good guitarist who mixes punk & surf rock perfectly!

Agent Orange tackled “Secret Agent Man” along with a rip off of “Pipeline” by The Ventures through their set of mostly original material which flip flopped between punk & surf amazingly well.

One funny thing about this night, EVERY band had the same lights, same sound, they used limited lighting, no back drops, no frills, it was punk rawk 100% although the bands on the bill played better than most punk musicians do generally. Another weird thing was that during the Agent Orange set the crowd showed hardly any excitement between songs...there was limited clapping, cheering or expressions of excitement between songs.

I left this show tired from a busy day but thrilled that I’d just seen a really solid night of good musicians that played music I’d never heard before but really enjoyed!

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