Aug 22, 2012

Crashdiet - House of Rock

By Bob Suehs


August 22, 2012

House of Rock

White Marsh, MD

Swedish Glam Giants Crashdiet did a 4 date US tour and it was a tad shocking when they announced a Baltimore, Maryland date simply because the state of Maryland is NOT a rock n roll’s more of an urban environment where “radio rock” is popular & hip hop/R&B are sadly the flavor more people go for.

I live in Maryland so I can tell you first hand, this state used to be a rock n roll town BUT it hasn’t been one for many, many years and when Crashdiet played here that point was well proven by the very small turn out for the band.

I’d guestimate there were possibly 75 people there give or take and that number might be a little high because at any given point people came & went and you have to add in the fact that the local openers Sin4Sin brought their own local crowd as well.

Sin4Sin opened the show at 8 PM with their own brand of Baltimore rock n roll that was fun & very fitting for this show.

Modern Superstar played 2nd and they opened with a cover of “Waysted” by Def Leppard. The band actually did a few covers throughout their set... “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi, “Smooth Up” by The Bullet Boys & “Girl School” by Britney Fox were peppered in the band’s set among originals and I can’t forget to mention they also covered a Steel Dragon song, “We All Die Young”...the irony is there if you dig deep enough! (Steel Dragon was not a real band)

Crashdiet took the stage later than scheduled but they were well worth the wait because they impressed the hell out of me with their high energy rock show that ended up being excellent & not as cheesy as I expected!

Judging by the bands looks & the hype I’d read over the past few years I expected Crashdiet to be an exploitation of all things 80’s hair metal & was expecting to be let down but the surprise was just how good Crashdiet were when they took the stage!

Technical flubs were par for the course, Simon’s mic cord got tangled up numerous times, his guitar cord was in knots most of the night and came unplugged several times, he knocked over his pedal board a few times, he was hitting the ceiling when he tried to swing his mic around and he made 2 major flubs when talking to the crowd:

”Our new record will be out in January of 2012” Simon said towards the middle of the set & the small crowd all laughed because he clearly meant 2013 and then towards the end of the set he referred to the venue as “The House of Blues” when infact it was “The House of Rock”.

Simon brought part of a blown out tire onstage & showed the crowd what they had to deal with that day...on route to the show they had a massive tire blow out & this led to the band having an issue after the show too. Apparently the band and their gear had to hitch a ride with fans after the show to their hotel because they had no transportation out of there!

Crashdiet played a solid 75 minute show that definitely impressed me, they brought glitter & glam to a very tiny stage and made a room which was very tiny feel arena sized with all the energy & attitude they dispersed onstage.

If you get the chance to see Crashdiet I would highly advise you to do it, they are not as cheesy at all, they bring new life to old school sleaze & glam rock!

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