Sep 12, 2012

Hed PE & Soil - Recher Theatre

By Bob Suehs


September 12, 2012

Recher Theatre

Towson, MD

Initially I looked at this show billing & laughed because it seemed like a really weak tour and my first thought was that NO ONE would be there because neither band had much of a following in these parts....well, let me tell you I was wrong!

Hed PE packed the place with a crowd that was a mix of hippie weed smoker meets nu metal freak styled fans and when we arrived at the venue luck was with us because Soil were about to take the stage.

Soil’s guitar tone during soundcheck was clear as a bell & loud as hell! My initial thought was, “Is the guitar gonna stay that loud for the entire set?” because I’ve never heard a guitar tone that loud in this particular venue and when the band finally took the stage that same extremely loud guitar tone was used throughout the entire Soil set!

Ryan took the stage as if he’d never left the Soil fold and the reunited version of Soil is a little different than the 90’s version yet they still maintain the same energy & intensity that helped to earn them a loyal following a decade ago.

Hed PE’s guitarist joined the band onstage at one point & when the Soil set was finished I didn’t truly think Hed PE could top that BUT I was a tad wrong because once Soil’s set finished & Hed PE started the intensity level went up 100 percent!

The music of Hed PE ranged from rock to punk to metal to funk to rap to reggae and while the band maintained a sense of originality they also tossed in a cover or 2 which made the crowd swoon.

At times I was reminded of Suicidal Tendencies while watching the Hed PE set because when they go into their punk/metal material they share that same vibe that Suicidal Tendencies have and what can I say, Hed PE impressed me with a solid set and a nice fan base which showed up to support the band!

My favorite part of the night was after the show but that’s a completely different story ;)

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