Sep 22, 2012

Seether, Sick Puppies, Kyng, CCD, Young Guns - Pier Six

By Bob Suehs


September 22, 2012

Pier Six

Baltimore, MD

The first official day of Autumn for 2012 happened on the same day that this great outdoor rock show took place in Baltimore which was headlined by Seether. It featured 5 kick ass national acts as well as one local opener with the only flaw being the start time of 4 PM which was a tad early for a rock show.

The weather was actually quite nice when I arrived at the venue just in time to catch most of the band Young Guns set.

Young Guns had a bad audio mix but their music still sounded good and lead singer Gustav Wood is the star of the show with a voice that matches his onstage charisma quite well.

Cali-based KYNG were up next & they are actually friends of Rock N Roll Experience so it was fun to see them play a great set and after the show KYNG singer/guitarist Eddie V. was telling me that the new guitar he’s playing onstage is a one of a kind that he was recently given from Dean and that when this tour ends KYNG will be on the road as direct support for Megadeth.

KYNG’s set was my favorite of the day and if you get the chance to catch KYNG live you will NOT be disappointed! Baltimore’s own Charm City Devil’s followed KYNG’s set with a strong show that focused primarily on newer music off the bands “SINS” record.

”Let’s Rock N Roll” was played 2nd in the set & in my personal opinion that was a huge mistake because it’s the bands biggest single in these parts & the song that most people in the crowd wanted to hear!

“Unstoppable” & “Man of Constant Sorrow” were the nights closers & the band also filmed the entire show for use in their upcoming music video for the song “Unstoppable”.

Sick Puppies were next on the bill and they came out strong with a solid set that rocked hard and if you look at the line up it was interesting to note that 3 of the bands at this show were 3 piece acts!

Emma, the cute dark haired bassist for Sick Puppies was the focal point of the show when Sick Puppies took the stage and I give the band credit because they don’t use Emma as the selling point for the band and what I mean by that is Emma is a member of the band, she’s not put up front to sell records based on her looks, instead the entire band relies on their musical ability.

Seether were the nights headliner and if you hit up their merch table you saw they were selling copies of that nights show for $25 which was actually a really cool souvenir for the Seether fans attending the show.

Shaun & the boys delivered a healthy dose of hard rock that blended grunge with metal equally and it’s odd to see Seether headlining an amphitheater tour because in my mind I never thought Seether were big enough to headline a large tour but sure enough they are a bigger draw than you might realize!

“Tonight” & “Rise Above This” were played back to back & that pair of songs was my favorite part of their set because it showed diversity in the bands music and added a touch o’ pop to what they do.

“Ribs Above This” is how the song “Rise Above This” was listed on the bands set list and the stage itself looked like something from the nutty professor’s lab because there were things moving about, gears churning and it was a stark contrast from the bands last tour which sported giant amps in the background and a drum kit that ripped off Van Halen.

I’m assuming because the band chose to sell audio copies of the show that’s the reason they did NO covers at this show....usually a Seether show has atleast one 90’s rock cover tossed in & it’s almost always a Nirvana cover!

”Fake It” & “Remedy” were the nights closers and what I’ll say about this show is that it was the perfect mix of good rock bands that played good, sounded good & each band just fit this bill perfectly!

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