Oct 31, 2011

Blaze Bayley - Soundstage

By Bob Suehs


October 31, 2011

Baltimore, Maryland

NOTE: This set list is partial & a few songs are missing BUT all these songs were played.

Set list: Intro, Lord of the Flies, (there were a few songs I could not see on the set list), Clansman, Stare At The Sun, I Like It Hot, Two Worlds Collide, Voices From The Past, The Launch, Steel, Killing Machine, Virus, Look For The Truth, Kill & Destroy, Blood & Belief, Man On The Edge, Man Hunt, Robot

Blaze Bayley played Baltimore's Soundstage on Halloween night, 2011 & when I walked into the club my first thought was, Oh My God, there's no one here!

The club had maybe 5 or 6 people there tops & what they ended up doing to get more bodies into see Blaze's set was the following:

Every Monday night at Soundstage they have a local band showcase called "Noise in the Basement" & NITB costs $5 to get in, there's open bar from 8 PM - 9 PM & when 8PM rolled around the club began allowing people in for the $5 cover charge instead of the $15 Blaze cover charge & interesting sidenote, with this being Halloween the people showing up for the local band showcase which started at 10 PM were all dressed in Halloween costumes so by the time Blaze's set was complete the club had a decent amount of people there, BUT, sadly, none of them were watching nor even knew who Blaze Bayley was!

It would be easy to trash Blaze for his lack of an audience BUT the man delivered a solid show & he even commented that he didn't care how many people showed up, he was playing a kick ass rock show for his fans that DID show up!

Blaze cut off all his hair about a year ago & he sported a bandana all night & it's interesting how his sideburns were totally white yet his chest hair was as black as could be.

Blaze's voice sounded excellent, he belted out song after song with conviction, his backing band was made up of members from the opening band Man The Destroyer & the nights set list pretty much contained a great selection o' songs from all of Blaze's body o' work...the Iron Maiden song "Man on the Edge" was the one that I enjoyed the most & "Lord of the Flies" was played right in the beginning of the set, those were his 2 biggest achievements while he was a member of Maiden & it was nice to hear him belt them out!

Blaze is a man on a mission & he's giving all he has to keep his hopes & dreams alive & for that I give the man credit...he played a great set & watching the set from start to finish I was really reminded alot of the ANVIL movie...it's such a hard road to try & make it in rock n roll & for what it's worth Blaze gave the few of us in attendance a good rock show for Halloween night!

At the merch table it was interesting to note that there was NO Blaze merch, only Man the Destroyer shirts & Cd's were for sale & Blaze made it a point to thank the fans who did show up for the show by hanging out at the merch table to sign & take pics.