Sep 24, 2012

Devin Townsend - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


September 24, 2012

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, MD

Hevy Devy & co. were back in Baltimore for the last night of the bands 2012 US tour and naturally the night featured a few cool end of tour pranks during the Devin Townsend set but more on that in a moment.

Stolen Babies opened the show but set times were all screwed up for some reason & I missed Stolen Babies set the time I arrived at the venue Paradise Lost were just taking the stage & my first assessment of the band was that other than the one guitar player, none of the Paradise Lost guys look like rock stars and were much older than I realized!

Paradise Lost played a melodic style of metal which sounded great but sadly came off a tad boring at times and it’s hard to explain just why their set didn’t strike me well, I’ll just say that Paradise Lost sounded great, but they didn’t excite me when they were onstage...their music was a tad somber.

Katatonia were up next and their set started off extremely dark with limited lighting while the bands singer kept his face almost totally covered with his hair. The band sounded great, they were actually much better than Paradise Lost in my opinion.

The overall billing for this show was interesting because Devin Townsend Project was the odd band out, they were the band that played goofy metal whereas the other bands on the bill touched on goth themes & tones...Devin’s band was also the most fun to watch simply because Devin is a crazy person on & off stage!

Before Devin & Co. took the stage a long movie played which featured cartoons, puppets, pictures & random weirdness that Devin created to amuse his fans.

The stage was a parody of all things heavy metal with each member sporting their own chrome ramp which they stood on and the bass players mic stand had a crazy amount of guitar picks hanging off of it.

Devin worked the crowd well, he spoke to everyone within arms reach, interacted with all of the crowd up front and the thing I had fun breaking down was where the samples started & where the live music began....what I mean by that is, Dev. & co. use alot o’ samples & tracks in their music and the music is clearly live with backing tracks which played underneath, it’s just fun to break down where the samples are in the DTP’s music.

Towards the end of the set all of the opening bands took the stage wearing werewolf masks and they danced onstage. At one point Devin even made out with one werewolf (see pic!), then towards the last song random band members from the opening acts came onstage & threw balloons at the bands bass player for his birthday.

The show was an absolute blast & it was a great way to end the tour on a high note.

Between sets I went 2 blocks down the street to catch a few songs from local band Sons of the Radio who were debuting new material and the bands new music is a tab mellower with an emphasis on pop appeal as opposed the bands heavier material....the new material focuses on Matt’s vocals alot more and displays his vocal abilities quite well.

All in all it was a fun night of rock n roll despite the “dowdy” mood that loomed over things.

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