Oct 22, 2012

Geoff Tate - White Marsh, MD

By Bob Suehs


October 22, 2012

White Marsh, Maryland

House of Rock

Geoff Tate IS the voice of Queensryche and when he was abruptly dismissed as leader of Queensryche in early 2012 the man wasted no time in setting up a tour to keep his name out there & the tour is also a teaser for his new solo record that will be released in the Fall of 2012.

I expected this Geoff Tate solo show to be a piss poor rehashing of his Queensryche days since he was no longer with the band and instead the show he played this night was an interesting journey through his musical career & he only played a hand full of the Queensryche material while the bulk of the set was his solo material which included 2 brand new songs from his soon to be released new record!

Musically the night was a mix of adult contemporary hard rock with some songs containing sax played by Tate. The band he had was essentially nobodies & he had 3 guitarists, a bass player (who was also his son in law), drummer & a keyboard player (his keyboard player looked like a member of the Village People complete with leather biker hat, leather vest & handle bar mustache!) which filled in the musical part of the night quit nicely.

I’ve seen numerous shows at this venue andt this WAS the show you had to see because it was packed and Tate’s voice sounded clear as a bell which really impressed me because I’ve seen many national bands that sounded muddy at this venue, but this show was really pleasing to the ears & this was the show EVERY metal fan in the state of Maryland will talk about for years to come because while I admit I had no expectations for this show, what I saw was an impressive 2 hour show that was very intimate.... Tate messed with the crowd, told stories randomly throughout the night, he shared his life with the crowd & spoke about being a Grandfather, how he has gone through a sexual renaissance & needs it non stop these days, and all I can tell you is this WAS a legendary show because it took place in such a small venue that it was almost an insult to Tate yet he performed a complete show & had no rock star attitude, he was pleasant, very appreciative of the crowd that showed up & he gave an amazing performance.

“Another Rainy Night” was performed 10 songs into the set & the encore consisted of “Silent Lucidity”, “Jet City Woman” & “Eyes of a Stranger”.

”Jet City Woman” was unique because it started out on piano & the band only came in for the chorus then the song went back to just piano & vocals which added some new life to the song!

What can I say, this was an amazing show....Tate came to town & performed an arena styled rock show in a small venue that usually books Bullet Boys, Great White & Faster Pussycat shows.

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