Oct 24, 2012

Michael Schenker - White Marsh, MD

By Bob Suehs


October 24, 2012

White Marsh, Maryland

House of Rock

Looking like the bastard child of Johnny Winter & Gary Busey, Michael Schenker took the stage at the House of Rock in White Marsh, Maryland with a backing band that held each song together tight yet the odd thing was Schenker pretty much anchored the right side of the stage & his interaction with his band members were limited till the end of the show where he finally started to interact with them just a little.

Onstage Michael came off a tad pretentious & arrogant BUT to his credit he had the right to be a little cocky because he can still tear it up like no other on guitar & when you see him play you can clearly see where players like Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) & Yngwie Malmsteen must have grown up idolizing Schenker! Michael’s brother Rudolph can’t hold a candle to what he does on guitar....Michael looks a tad rough but his playing has not suffered one bit through the years!

The vast majority of the equipment onstage was furnished by Dean right down to the Dean tattoo on the bass players arm and looking at Schenker’s pedals I was surprised to see him using the CFH “Dimebag” wah because I expected him to go with the simply black wah rather than an artist endorsed model.

The show opened with “Love Drive” & was followed with “Another Piece of Meat”. It was nice to see Schenker acknowledging his past with the Scorpions from the get-go but the bulk of the set felt like it was heavy on the UFO material & light on the MSG material. “Rock Bottom” & “Doctor” were the nights last 2 songs & they left the crowd exhausted after seeing Schenker jam for nearly 2 hours onstage.

Interesting sidenote: Security went through the venue telling people NO videos tonight because at almost every show you will see someone with an i-phone filming a song or 2 for youtube but Schenker preferred NO videos of the show. Also I will come out and say one thing....Michael is skinnier than a meth addict so someone should have suggested he wear a shirt onstage instead of the leather vest with no shirt....if he were in his 20’s you might let it slide but at his age NO ONE wants to see Grandpa getting up there shirtless!

At the merch table you could by an autographed Michael Schenker photo for $20 or an autographed photo of his singer for $10 but if you were smart you walked past his bus when he was walking out of the venue because he stopped & signed a hand full o’ crap for the peeps outside before being whisked into a car & taken back to his room for the night.

This show was quite good, Schenker can still play guitar way better than most of his peers & the vast majority of the newer players out there today, yet sadly he never got the same break that the Scorpions did over here in the States. It wouldn't surprise me if this was Schenker's last US tour because the Phil Lewis version of LA Guns can draw in more people than Schenker can in the States at this point!

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